Introducing a new puppy to your home

There are few things in life more exciting than a new puppy, but bringing your pup home can be a little daunting for everyone at first.

Remember a puppy is just a baby, often only weeks or months old, and baby requires lots of reassurance and cuddles in order to feel safe and secure but with plenty of time and love it won’t take long for your pooch to settle.

Providing your new friend with an enclosed designated sleeping place, like a box or a crate will ensure they stay put through the night. A roaming puppy will prevent anyone from sleeping and is a fast track to morning cranky pants. 

Some people find a ticking clock helps to simulate their mother’s heartbeat, or a snuggle toy for them to love can help to reassure a new pup in the dark.

puppies in a bag
Toilet training your puppy can be a bit of a process, but with time and patience they will get the hang of it. Take your puppy to a designated toilet spot regularly and praise them generously when they do a good job. 

Do be patient when accidents happen because learning a new skill can take time. A human child doesn’t get the hang of it for years, so if it takes a few weeks consider yourself lucky!

It can also take time for furry friends to bond. If you have other animals in the home ensure everyone gets adequate attention, not just the new baby. A newcomer can ruffle fur, but with gentle assimilation everyone will be firm friends before you know it and your new puppy will feel like he was part of your furry family all along.

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