Eight fun indoor activities to entertain the family

When the weather turns feral outside, here are seven fun activities to help keep the kids entertained indoors so they don't turn like the weather.

Inclement weather and school holidays can spell insanity for some parents. Stuck inside for hours or days on end with kids that have too much energy and nowhere to burn it.

Echoes of "I'm bored" can usually be deflected the first few times but soon it becomes like nails on a chalkboard.

Here are a few ideas to keep them occupied, especially if the weather outside sucks. You may even surprise yourself at how much fun it can be to indulge your own inner child while you indulge your actual child.

Loungeroom disco

You’re kids have got some serious energy to burn so crank up the tunes and shake your collective booties.

You can take turns playing DJ, and go for it freestyle, or if you want to up the ante a little you could try out a little simple choreography and get an act together. 

If you need some inspiration, check out some music videos or break dancing contests on YouTube before you start. The aim is to lose your inhibitions and get in there all together and enjoy the feeling of moving your body to the rhythm of the beat.

Build a mega fort

Dad and child
Don't just pull a couple of dining chairs into the lounge and drape a blanket - go all out.

Rearrange the lounge, incorporate the dining table and chairs, tie sheets together and use pillows from the bedroom. Let go of your anxiety around the mess and pretend you're constructing a kingdom. 

Bring snacks for a fort picnic.

Toy car Grand Prix

Not all toy cars are created equal, so now’s the time to give them a run for their money and see which cars go the distance. Grab your Matchbox cars, or bigger toy cars, even wooden cars. As long as they have wheels they can be in this all-inclusive race.

You need a long tiled or wooden hallway or cleared side of a room so you can set up a straight runway. Line your cars up at the starting line and on the shout of “Ready, set, GO!” fire them off down the hall and see which goes the furthest without flipping over, or crashing.

The kids get a little run as they go and retrieve the cars and bring them back to do it all over again.

Get your science on

child playing
There are a lot of really simple science experiments that can be found online. Using everyday household goods such as milk, detergent, vinegar, and food colouring you can not only entertain kids but also ignite curiosity and educate them whilst having loads of indoor fun.

With a quick search, you can find age-appropriate experiments that will delight any kid, and you might get a kick out of it too. Who knew that you can dissolve an egg shell in vinegar or replace your phone with two tins and a string??

Get busy baking

Most kids love getting into the kitchen, and every kid loves to eat the creations they have made. 
No matter how old your children are you can always use an extra set of hands in the kitchen to whip up something for everyone to enjoy.
Whether you’re reading recipes or measuring ingredients, cooking inadvertently helps teach children the importance of reading, and also teaches simple maths.

Making music with homemade instruments

Saucepans? Check
Jars with water? Check
Plastic containers with rice or beans? Check

These aren’t random kitchen items, these are your new instruments! Experiment with sound. Different sized dried pulses in a range of containers create a different sound. 

Jars with different levels of water can create a melody and everyone loves to play a saucepan drum. You can either play along to music or just create your own.

Wardrobe dress-ups

Robot girl
Anyone can put on a Captain America suit, or Princess Elsa dress and play dress-ups, but what about creating outfits out of old stuff in your wardrobes or those old boxes and paper you have lying around. 

Pirates and gypsies, zombies and pixies, dragons and robots, you are only limited by your imagination. Get really into it and pull out some face paints to complete the look. If you don’t have face paint you can just use old makeup.

Kids don’t need the entertainment to be expensive or elaborate, they just need the seed of imagination and they will run with the rest.

Write and illustrate a book

Spark imaginations by creating your own story. Cut and staple paper together into your very own book and write a story together.
Spend time illustrating each page (you can do it as elaborately or as simply as attention spans allow) and create something you can put away as a sneaky keepsake for later years.

Make little moments matter

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