How to choose the right trainers for your child

Planning for a fit and fun day out at a sporting event? Find the right sport shoes for your child from the word GO!

Getting ready for a sporting event is an exciting time for the whole family. Whether you're doing a triathlon like this or performing other activities, planning ahead and getting the right trainers for your child is a good move for your loved ones.

As little feet are growing it’s important to provide the correct footwear early on in order for feet to develop well and to allow your kids to have the correct support and durability in their shoes.
Finding the right shoes requires a little thought, and perhaps a little help from your local shoe store expert.

What activity are they doing?

Depending on what your child is doing they may require a shoe tailored specifically for that activity.

“It’s difficult with kids because they do so many different things,” tells ASICS Sports Marketing Executive, Brad Moller. “They do everything in whatever shoes they’ve got, so the big part is trying to get protection and support to handle everything that they’re doing.”

If your child plays a particular sport, ensuring that they have the correct shoe to support them while they do that may benefit them greatly. The type of shoe required for track running for instance, is different to the shoe required on a basketball court.

“We create shoes for different types of sporting activities to ensure we have the shoes that support them in the correct way to play that sport as best they can and to have the most fun that they can,” tells Brad.


Many parents wonder what on earth their kids get up to in their shoes. What seemed a perfectly sound shoe one day may be in tatters the next. In order to get the best bang for you buck you may need to look into spending a little more to get something that lasts.

“If you’re in a running shoe and you’re doing a court-based sport like tennis, or indoor sports, a lot of shoes and their construction won’t be durable enough to handle that. The way the outer soles are constructed and the way the shoe slides, they are all factors to consider,” tells Brad.

When you know your child will grow out of them fast, it can be tempting to scrimp, but in most cases when it comes to shoes, you usually get what you pay for.
lots of kids at a running track

The right fit

Buying shoes from your local sport store will help you to have the correct information in order to make an informed decision regarding your child’s trainers.

It’s one thing to pick a shoe in a colour you like off the shelf, but it’s another thing altogether to get a professional fit, and opinion on which ones not just look the best, but will perform the best too.

“With kids its really, really important to buy comfortable shoes early on because it’s a developmental process as they’re growing. It can really impact the way their foot shapes, and takes shape as they’re growing,” says Brad.

The right fit can also help prevent blistering and discomfort.

When to buy new shoes

Your kids are likely to grow out of their shoes fairly regularly but if they haven’t grown out of them, keep an eye on the wear and tear of the shoes as an indication of when you need to replace them.
“If the shoes have taken damage and are getting smashed up, it’s better to replace them. The newer the shoe, the better the support because the mid-sole will start to compress, which naturally happens when you take thousands of steps a day,” tells Brad.
A good guideline is to replace shoes every six months or so depending on how much use they have been getting.
If you have any concerns about how your child walks (their gate) or if they tend to roll their feet inwards or outwards when walking or running (pronation and supination), seek professional advice.
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