Geocaching: Add some adventure to your walks

Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt that’s free to take part in, and could help bring some new excitement to your family walks. 

Ever asked your kids to go for a walk?

Walking is a great activity for kids. It gets them outdoors and exercising. It’s virtually free, and needs no special equipment, and it makes excellent family bonding time.

Just walking around local streets can make a fantastic school holiday adventure. But, as I’ve found with my own kids, it can be difficult to get them enthusiastic  about going for a walk. As far as kids are concerned, going for a walk is ‘boring’ because (and I quote) “we’re just walking to nowhere!”

If you hear the same protests, geocaching may be the answer.

What is geocaching?

Never heard of geocaching? A lot of people haven’t. The easiest way to describe it is as a world-wide, ongoing treasure hunt. Where you hunt for carefully hidden ‘treasures’ using your smartphone. 
map and compass

How to get started

Download the geocaching app, pick an area and then search for the coordinates and clues that will hopefully lead you to some hidden treasure (or to use geocaching lingo: caches). 
Caches  range in size from a ‘micro’- so tiny they contain nothing but a small paper log to sign- to ‘large’ which generally hold trinkets and nic-nacs that finders are encouraged to swap and collect. 
You can then log your finds via the app and watch your total grow. 
There are also virtual badges to collect and free geocaching events you can attend.
If you’re particularly creative, you can make your own caches and add to the network of hidden treasure.
Walking to ‘find treasure’ can be considerably more appealing to kids than ‘just walking’. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got an hour to spare, or you need to fill a whole day. Geocaching can help you get the kids exercising without them even noticing it. 
Just make sure you don’t call it ‘exercise’.

Make little moments matter

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