Five activities to help kids cool down this summer

With the onset of summer, the Celsius begins to climb. And while it’s tempting to stay home and flick on the air-conditioning, it's much more fun to mix it up with our fun activities to keep the family cool on hot days. Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can all play Monopoly together!

1.  Blockbuster  idea

The summer holidays can be hectic, so it's refreshing to take a break with the family every now and then. Cinemas are an air-conditioned haven during especially hot days. As an added bonus, Bupa members can buy discounted tickets to Hoyts and Event Cinemas through Bupa Plus.

2.  Ice ice baby 

The chilly temperatures in an indoor ice rink can offer much needed reprieve from the heat, letting you get your groove on without overheating. Ice skating rinks are often open year-round and cater to everyone from beginners to more experienced skaters. 

3.  Hit the water

When you think of your local swimming pool, you'll probably remember all the great games you played when you were younger. Taking your family to the local pool is a great opportunity to come up with new games, or simply relax and enjoy the cool of the water. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and stay sun smart!

For more tips to keeping little ones sun-safe, read our article here.

kids eating popcorn watching movie

4.  Grab a book

Okay, so a library might not be the first place you think of spending time over the holidays, but is there anything more relaxing than passing a few hours with a good book? Encourage the kids to get reading and hit up your local (air-conditioned) library for a bit of downtime. 

5.  Night at the museum

The museum is almost always air-conditioned and generally offers wide spaces where you can spend whole days exploring, increasing both your knowledge and your step count! Many offer family-friendly activities during the school holidays, or you might be lucky enough to catch an exhibit that’s passing through your area.

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