Finding a new way to connect with best friends

What happens when two bloggers go head to head with their families over some old fashioned competitive outdoor fun? Read on to find out. 

The internet is a wonderful place and out of all the connections I have made, several people have turned out to be very important to me indeed.
Beth and Kayte
This extraordinary person hugging me is Beth McDonald, the blogger who runs the site BabyMac. We met in March of 2011 at a conference. We basically fell in friendship love at first site! We just got each other straight away. Mainly because she has got the most insane sense of humor and an enormous dose of fun.

They say opposites attract, and she is the Oscar to my Felix.

Since then, the following years have seen us escape on many adventures together. We have pushed each other professionally and have found ourselves in the most extraordinary situations! Dinner with the Prime Minister? DONE. Dancing with Supermodels in a nightclub in New York City? DONE! Having our own weekly segment on television for twelve months? DONE! 

And one of the loveliest things is to spend time together as families. We have watched each other’s kids grow (some like weeds!) and have had each other’s back through the good times, and the not so great times.

Recently we spent the day together at her beautiful cottage in the country. I am always impressed how she manages to run such a tight ship with three girls! She makes things look easy and is a spectacular host.

Working with Beth is ALWAYS fun, and we got together with Bupa to show you how you can take just a few minutes of your day to play. There will be plenty of Belly Laughs!
Key findings from the day? 
  • Team Woog had a slight lack of communication during some of the games.
  • Beth runs faster than me, and has a competitive streak I had not known previously.
  • Although she be small, she is fierce! Despite her young age, Team Mac member Maggie got amongst it!
  • My dog Isobel Barbara arrived in the village a girl, but left a woman, after some humping from Frank.
  • I have very average aim.
  • Jack is no good with a basketball hoop strapped to his head.
  • Small cheating moves are completely unacceptable.
  • Team Mac was very enthusiastic when it came to cheering.
  • Once the water bomb fight commences, retreat to the kitchen to help prepare lunch and leave it to the kids.
  • Girlfriend can cook.
  • She can also whack me on the backside during a ball and spoon race!
The day was fantastic and the thing that struck me was how much fun we all had. Watching Horatio play with Harper, and remembering that she was once a baby he would carry around, and now she is such a big girl! And she has totally inherited her mum’s sense of hilarity. Daisy! That girl is growing up far too quickly. Jack mainly just spent the day laughing. Beth and I? Well, any time spent with her is golden. 
Who would have thought that a simple day of hijinks and old-fashioned games could produce such a happy result? It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and it doesn’t have to take all day. Simple is best. You might even have to grin and bear it and let them teach you how to bottle flip. Set up a family challenge.
Your family is your team, and to keep your team strong, time must be taken. It is so easy to fob kids off onto screens and plod along in your own little bubble. Sure, they might complain as you pull out the cord of the Wi-Fi, but after the initial objection, magic happens.
I promise you won’t regret it.
Thanks for having us Mac Family! It is always a treat to spend time in your hood.

Make little moments matter

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