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It may not be glamorous, but camping is a great way to escape the buzz of ‘the everyday’ and share quality time with your family. Here are nine benefits to connecting with nature, and heading off on a camping trip. 

Camping is an affordable and healthy holiday which offers many hidden benefits for kids and parents alike. Life becomes simpler, with fewer distractions and luxuries, leaving more time for great family fun and effective communication.

No technology

Forget the concerns about too much screen time for your kids. There’s very little technology on a camping trip, if any at all. It’s easy to leave it behind because many campsites have no power or mobile phone reception. With no possibility of hopping on the computer or watching television, kids discover other ways to occupy themselves.

Get moving

There’s nothing like a camping trip to get your kids outdoors and doing more exercise. Depending on where you go, walking, swimming and bike riding are excellent camping activities. And since camping generally offers an on-the-go lifestyle, there’s little chance of sitting around for too long.

Healthy choice

Not only is camping an active holiday with plenty of exercise, fresh air and simple meals, it also offers a healthy lifestyle with early nights as the sun goes down, and early rising in the morning.

You get what you get

Camp food is pretty basic. Cooking and food storage is limited, depending on your equipment. If your child is a fussy eater and doesn’t like the food on offer, it’s not so easy to whip up an alternative. There’s no choice but give it a try. Plus, with all the outdoor activity, kids get hungry and are generally more open to whatever meals are served.

Family time

Sharing a space like a small tent with nowhere else to go can equal good quality family time. While the light holds out, there is little to do but chat or play card games like Snap or Uno – activities that you may not usually have time for in the rush of everyday life.
3 kids in a tent reading a book together

Good conversation

During a holiday, time slows down, presenting more opportunity to talk with your kids. When it comes to camping, this is even more so, with fewer distractions like televisions, phones and iPads. Communication becomes more natural, and both you and your kids will find yourselves sharing a great deal more.

No bath day

When else do the kids have an excuse not to take a bath or shower? Regular bathing is good for kids and great for parents. But a break from routine is always welcome and a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone.

Less luxury

While camping is not always incredibly comfortable, it’s great for kids and parents to experience a simpler, less complicated existence. You have the opportunity to de-clutter and make do without the usual everyday paraphernalia, and discover that you can get along just fine on the bare minimum. 

If it rains, who cares?

Camping is very much an outdoor experience and if it rains, there’s not a lot you can do. However you’ll often find that kids don’t mind in the slightest. Once they’re in the groove of the holiday, the rain (like everything else) is all part of the adventure!

Make little moments matter

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