Eight ways to connect with your family

Even though my kids are getting older and becoming more independent, it's still important for us to be a team. Here are eight ways my family likes to connect with one another.

My boys are not little kids anymore, but are becoming (fingers crossed) fully functioning members of society. They are given fairly broad boundaries in which to explore. They get themselves to school, to afterschool activities and the oldest one even has a part time job at the local shops.

But even though they are both getting more and more independent, they are still my babies! I can see it from time to time, when they need their Mum for some advice, or even for just a cuddle.

I get told that by the both of them that love me every single day.

“Love you!” they sing out as they walk out the door.

My little mini men.

Despite loosening the umbilical ties somewhat, it is still very important that they know that they are part of our team. Your family is your ultimate team and everyone has to interact with respect and consideration. 

Grabbing snatches of time with your team can be quite difficult in this busy paced life that we are all leading but it is certainly quality over quantity that you are aiming for. Even taking just ten minutes out of your day to do something together as a family can help build strong bonds. Here are a few ways that Team Woog unites.
Family playing cards

1. Eating dinner together every single night with a screen ban in place.

2. When we hear Mr. Woog’s motorbike coming down the road, we all go and greet him, even the dog, and have a little “how was everyone’s day” session. And then, of course they all ask, “what’s for dinner?” Speaking of which....

3. Appoint sous chef! Time preparing meals in the kitchen is terrific time to have a deeper conversation, plus they can learn a thing or two.

4. Set out expectations. My boys are perfectly capable of cleaning the kitchen, unpacking the dishwasher and folding and putting their own clothes away. I am not a maid!

5. Screen free time. When I feel like the family is getting a bit, you know, whiney and eye-rolly, taking away technology for us is the way to go. Oh sure, it’s often not well received, not by a long shot, but then minutes later the interaction is back. 

6. Snuggle Time! On the weekends, when I am fully awake but still in bed, I yell “Snuggle Time!”. I have done this since the boys were babies and toddlers. I hear the rumble of feet on the floorboards, the door bursts open and in they come. Snuggle Time is a time honored tradition in our family and can last anywhere from ten minutes to sometimes last for an hour, as we just lie in and chat about this and that.

7. Whether it be cricket out on the road (yes, we use garbage bins for stumps because STRAYA) or basketball in the backyard, this is something that I know the boys love to do. A few times a year we head to the local bowling ally to compete for the Woog Cup.  

8. A game. We are currently OBSESSED with this. It is equal parts thrilling and white-knuckling and tends to bring out a certain young lads competitive streak. We tend to play this in a knockout Round Robin style and I am always the first one knocked out. It is truly addictive.

As your kids grow up and be more independent, it can be tricky to keep the Team tight, but as Gabriel Garcia Marques once said. “A mother discovers with great delight that one does not love one’s children just because they are one’s children but because of the friendship formed while raising them.”

Make little moments matter

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