Easy tips to throw the perfect family games night

Baby Mac shares her tips on how to throw a family games night everyone will enjoy.

We recently hosted a great family games night with some mates. Now if I was to be honest, usually if I was going to have friends around, I would create a lovely dinner, put on drinks for the adults, and of course some food for the kids, but more often than not, after eating, the adults and the kids would separate and do their own thing.

But this family has kids around the same age as ours, so we decided to host a games night where we would all come together in our family teams to play against each other in a bit of old fashioned fun.

First of all, we had to choose something to play. Something that would interest both the adults AND the kids, for us this was a board game, but there are plenty of options out there to choose from. 

Then we had to decide on something delicious to eat. We chose something that could get thrown into the middle of the table and shared and enjoyed by all. I slow cooked a lamb shoulder and served it with Pita Bread and salad, but tacos or anything wrapped, shared or able to be eaten with fingers, would also work.
Dinner table

Next was setting the rules and order for the night so everyone knew what was happening. 

The focus on these events is the kids, and having loads of fun. And one thing I know about kids (especially the younger ones) is that they tend to enjoy themselves more when they understand what is going to happen and when. 

You can use a blackboard or make your own poster outlining the timetable for the night: drinks and nibbles, dinner, clean up, baby to bed and then games. It’s also handy for scoring if you need to!

Then get on with it and have fun!

And we had the best time; lots of laughter, good food and a really lovely way to connect with another family socially – in a different way – not just focused on adults and kids separately.

Key tips for hosting a games night:

  • Choose the right family. Think about inviting someone that can be silly and have fun in the spirit of the night.
  • Set up rules and a time table to help set expectations.
  • Choose food that both the kids and the adults will love, and will be easy to eat.
  • Choose games that both the kids and adults have suggested.
  • Consider have a prize to work towards, or even set up a round robin of games to extend the fun over multiple weeks.
  • Have fun and be silly – your kids will LOVE it!

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