Darren Lehmann talks about the importance of family time

There’s a lot of travel when you’re the coach of the Australian cricket team, so family time becomes more precious than ever.

Family time is the most important thing in the world to me. My work means we have limited time together to get away or do the normal things you do as a father, like taking the kids to school, or doing homework together, but for me to spend time as a family doing things together is so special because the time I have with them is limited.

I think the idea of quality time, and family time, really only takes a minute. It’s about intention. Pick the kids up and talk to them about their day, listen to a song they like at the moment and stay up to date with what’s happening in their lives.  My son does magic tricks so I watch his latest one, or talk about how things are at school, what songs he’s learning on guitar. All those little things just add up along the way, to make quite special moments, even though they may be short, a lot of them make it a happy world. 
Darren Lehman with his daughter
My partner and I are the hub of our family so that connection is also so important to give special time to. Taking 10 minutes with my wife, Andrea, to have a walk, or water the garden, have a cup of tea on the balcony, just find out what’s going on each other’s lives.  

My family is my team, but my cricket team is also like family. The team and I are one big family. We have time away from each other when we’re not working or training, but when we’re all together we're as close as family. I’m lucky to have such close relationships with my team. Both my real family, and my team need quality time together in order to perform well and thrive. 

My cricket family are all close and we have similar goals. For all of us it’s about connecting, growing, making mistakes and learning. It’s about having the happiest life you possibly can. Sometimes that doesn’t happen every day, when you’ve been away from home for a while, or you’re tired or you’re grumpy, but that’s part of life too. When you are home again having special times together and laughing together is even more special. 

For us as a family we love to plan times away together when we can steal a few days. My family loves beach time fishing, jet skiing, basically just being away where the mobile phone doesn’t ring and we can just be together. We spend time with friends during that time as well and just enjoy home time without the helter-skelter of the busy schedule of an international cricket coach. I can get back to being a Dad and a husband. 

There are many special moments to celebrate as a family. For us, when the kids achieve something, like doing well in an exam, or their sport team does well, we like to take time together to honour that moment. When one of us has a personal win, we all do, and taking time to enjoy that and be proud is important.

My family is my world, and prioritising special time and connections with them, taking ten minutes with them means so much to me. It can happen in just a moment of connection and then you know that you’re all on solid ground as one unit.

Make little moments matter

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