Dairy-free lunchbox ideas for kids

Struggling for delicious school lunch box ideas without the dairy? We’ve put together some tasty tips.

An allergy or intolerance to dairy can be a tricky one. Dairy can be found in some processed foods where you least expect it; some lollies, biscuits, crackers and even some breads.

This can make it tricky when shopping, and limiting when you’re trying to pack an appealing lunchbox for a child with a lactose allergy or intolerance.

Pack your own pittas

Chop a pitta pocket in half so your child can pack it with their favourite ingredients. It might be carrot sticks, cucumber, snow peas and (dairy- free) hummus. Another delicious option is falafel, hummus, tomato and lettuce. Yum!


Forget traditional sushi, unless your child has a sophisticated palate. Pack nori rolls with ingredients you know your child likes. Tinned tuna and avocado is a favourite, so is chicken and lettuce. Carrot, cucumber and avocado works well and you could even experiment with egg. Get creative with what you have in your fridge. Perhaps you could try brown rice for some extra fibre.

Zucchini slice

This is a great one for the whole family, its really easily adaptable and freezes well too. Simply whisk five eggs, add a cup of self-raising flour and stir through until you have a smooth batter. Grate a medium zucchini and any other vegetables you’d like to mix in. Add a quarter of a cup of vegetable oil and a cup of lactose-free cheese (optional). Pour into a greased dish and bake for half an hour in a moderate oven. Serve hot or cold.

Simple spaghetti

Lots of kids love spaghetti and it doesn’t need to be drowned in cheese to be tasty. Whip up a simple tomato sauce; throw in some vegies and a tin of tuna. Mix in some spaghetti and perhaps some lactose-free cheese and you have a simple and delicious lunch meal served hot or cold.

Child eating spaghetti

Curried egg, avocado and salad sandwich or wrap

This delicious combination is a great one for those who can’t eat dairy. Smash some boiled eggs, add a pinch of curry powder, a dash of mayo and some soy yogurt if it’s in the fridge. Slice or mash avocado and top with lettuce for a rich and satisfying sambo the whole family can enjoy.

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