Christmas star garland

Stuck for school holidays ideas? Why not get the kids involved in some making Christmas decorations? Crafting guru Magdalena Franko shares her tips for the perfect Christmas star garland.


sturdy cardboard such as packing boxes



acrylic paint in various colours

paint brush

thick needle and thread

needle threader

How to:

1. Free-hand draw star shapes onto a large sheet of cardboard. Carefully cut each star out. The best way to do this without accidentally bending the cardboard is to cut from each point down. 

2. When all your stars are cut, you can paint them. Make sure to paint them on the reverse side as well as the front if you want to make the garland double-sided. I chose to use a palette of blues and greens with some gold thrown in for good measure.

3. When you’re happy with the paint coverage and your stars are thoroughly dried, you can punch a hole in the top of each one using a 1/16” hole punch or a thick needle. Watch your fingers! 

4. String them up using some coloured crochet cotton, yarn or twine. The best way to do this is to using a needle threader poked through the hole in the star and pull through your string doubled-over creating a loose loop when you pull it through the right side. Bring the loop around the back of the star and back up again to secure the string and star in place. 

Then simply attach the ends of your garland to hooks on the wall or by using some white tack. 
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