Five tips to make camping with kids a little easier

As the season of long weekends is almost upon us, many people decide to use this time to take the family camping. Here are five tips that may make camping with kids a little easier.

1. Research where you’re going:

This may seem like the most basic job before you take your family camping, but you would be surprised. Many people don’t realise that permits are sometimes needed to camp in National Parks, or to drive on certain beaches or tracks. Investigate your camp site and requirements before you go. There are some great Australian family camping locations here
Also don’t forget to take the weather into consideration; it is best to avoid extreme weather situations – camping with kids on a 40 degree day is no fun, and neither is spending the night freezing due to a cold snap!
2. Pre plan your meals

Many novice campers might not realise that planning meals when camping with your family is a must! Not only will this make your life much easier when the kids are screaming to be fed at 5pm after hours of being on the go, but the lack of available supermarkets can also be an issue. My family tends to camp in areas well away from shops, so we generally pre-cook meals (think spaghetti bolognaise, taco mince) and we also try to do all the shopping before we go.  

Meal planning also means making sure the kids don’t eat everything on the first day! Make sure you save anything that’s needed to make meals at the end of the trip to avoid hungry tummies later on!
3. Family camping activities for kids

Ok, let’s be honest, this should read ‘activities for the kids and adults’! Generally when camping with children, there is no TV, and there’s often no electricity to power digital devices so packing a few board games and a packet of cards is essential! The adults can enjoy playing cards after dark, and the whole family can get involved in a board game if the weather isn’t great. If you have room, a few tennis balls or a soccer ball thrown in is another great way to amuse the kids. I also know people who keep a box of “camping Lego” ready to take with them for the kids to play with when they’re away.

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Family toasting marshmallows on beach

4.  Pack essentials for camping in plastic boxes

When camping, there’s a risk of creepy crawlies or wild animals ransacking your food and other items.  To avoid this, and make packing so much easier, pack everything in sealable plastic boxes. They stack well, are easily opened and closed, and are reasonably priced. I have a box that I keep packed which includes all the essentials for camping: dishwashing liquid, salt and pepper, olive oil, mosquito repellent, shampoo, shower gel and Panadol.

5.  Toddlers’ enclosure

My brother and sister-in-law insist that this is the most important thing to take when camping with kids under three. If you take a play pen to keep the little ones in, it can take a lot of stress out of the whole family camping experience! Throw a few toys in and hopefully they will be amused for a little while at least. This can also take the stress out of worrying they will wander off, especially if you are camping on a beach with vehicles, or near the bush, this tip is priceless.

Remember, the name of the game when camping is to have old fashioned fun and spend time with the family in the great outdoors! It is a great time to reconnect with the family and de-stress – hopefully these tips for camping with kids can help you do just that!

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