Bunny rabbit rice crackers

Trying out new snacks doesn’t have to be hard work. These bunny rabbit rice crackers are a fun and easy way to get your kids excited about snack time.

Bunny rabbit rice crackers
Makes: 1
Difficulty: Easy peasy
1 plain rice crackers 
Tablespoon cream cheese or cottage cheese 
1 hardboiled egg cut in half 
Half a carrot sliced in to matchsticks
½ banana cut lengthways 
3 sultanas 
1.  Spread cream or cottage cheese on the rice cracker.
2.  Place the halved egg on top of the cream cheese near the top of the rice cracker to form the rabbit’s eyes. 
3.  Place one sultana on the yolk of each egg to form the rabbit’s pupils.
4.  Place one sultana underneath the halved egg to form the rabbit’s nose. 
5.  Place the matchstick carrots either side of the nose to create whiskers.
6.  Place the sliced banana at the top of the rice cracker to form the ears. 
7.  Enjoy.
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