Bike Safety 101

Here’s a quick checklist to help you make sure your kid’s bike is safe to ride.

Before riding a bike, it’s important to check everything works, so you don’t have an accident.

Here’s a quick checklist that will help get you riding like a champion. 

First up make sure your bike is set up correctly, mum or dad can help you. 

1. Right size

Stand over the bike with both feet on the ground. For medium or lightweight bikes, there should be at least 2 cm between your crotch and the crossbar (or where crossbar would be). 

For BMX and mountain bikes, there should be at least 5 cm between the crotch and crossbar.

2. Seat height

Next up is the seat. Make sure it is at comfortable height and secured properly. When seated the top of your toes should just touch the ground, make you’re your feet aren’t sitting flat on the ground.  

3. Brakes 

Now brakes, these are very important for safety. Get mum or dad to check they are fitted correctly and not too worn. 

4. Chain 

The chain must not be loose and it should also move smoothly, which means you need to clean and oil it regularly. 

5. Tires 

The tires on your bike are also very important, make sure they are not too worn and have enough air. If you squish it the tire should feel hard.

6. Pedals  

With the pedals look for breaks or splits. They have to spin freely. 

7. Bell

Every bike should have a bell or horn. Make sure it’s nice and loud so you can use it to warn other riders and people on the path when you need to pass. 

8. Lights and reflectors 

The last check is for your reflectors and lights. Make sure they are working and secure. 

Enjoy your ride!

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