Avoiding tantrums this silly season

Some tips to keep in mind to help avoid tantrums this silly season and to make sure your family’s festive season is enjoyable for everyone.

The end of the school year is upon us and Christmas festivities are in full swing. As adults we can find this time of year overwhelming, so it’s not surprising that our children can also be pushed to the limit as well.

Which is why it’s important for parents to know their child’s limits to help avoid meltdowns brought on by over stimulation and exhaustion. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help avoid tantrums this silly season and to make sure your family’s festive season is enjoyable for everyone:

1. Schedule down time

Time comes at a premium at this time of year. Everyone wants to catch up before Christmas and although it might be tempting to squeeze in as many events as possible, it may not always be the best decision. After all, tired children do not make the best party guests. 

For your sanity and theirs, consider scheduling some time every day dedicated to downtime so everyone has the opportunity to recharge.  Why not save some catch-ups for the New Year? A fresh new year is as good a reason to celebrate as any!

2. Slow down on the sweet stuff

Christmas cookies
The holiday season is synonymous with indulgent food. Party tables are laden with sweet goodies and your little ones will be like kids in a candy store. It might be tempting to let them go for it because it is a special occasion, however it pays to remember that a sugar high usually ends with an ugly low.

This is a great time to teach your child that what we eat can effect how we feel. You don’t have to be a complete party-pooper by restricting all sweets, but encourage your children to consume these foods in moderation and always make sure there are healthy options such as fresh fruit and veg available. 

There are many great recipes around for healthy, fun festive foods that are appealing to children. Check out some of our recipes here. 

Also try to limit the temptation of food on the run by being prepared with healthy snacks and cooking ahead for those times when takeaway seems like an easy option.

3. Shop online

Online shopping
Shopping with kids in tow can be a stressful experience. Especially at this time of year when shopping centers are full of rushing customers with frayed nerves.  It’s often exhausting for everyone and kids can quickly get bored, restless and whiny.
An epic tantrum in the middle of the department store queue is the probably the last thing you need. So this year why not help save yourself the drama and order groceries and last minute gifts online where possible.

It can also a great way to stick to a budget, as you are less likely to splurge on impulse purchases.

Above all, at this time of year it is important to keep expectations for your children, and yourself, reasonable. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans at the last minute if it looks like everyone is about to collapse in a heap.  

The festive season should be about spending time with the ones you love, even if that means snuggling up on the couch in front of a DVD with the kids from time to time instead of going out. 

Be sure to enjoy this holiday season and enjoy each other. 
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