Alcohol A dilemma for parents

With end-of-year parties and long summer holidays looming, here are some tips to prepare children and teenagers for situations where they may be offered alcohol. 

Whilst the frequency of alcohol consumption in young people is on the decrease, studies have shown that the risk of young people binge drinking has increased, and alcohol is responsible for one in eight deaths of Australians under 25.

At Life Education, we believe it’s important to educate children and young adults around responsible drinking, so they’re empowered to make informed and responsible choices about drinking later in life.

Here are some tips to help:

Have an open conversation

Try having open conversations with your children at the appropriate age about alcohol.

Actively encourage them to ask you questions and share their opinions and thoughts.

In turn, ask them open ended questions around alcohol and use this opportunity to share your own feelings and expectations. 
mother and daughter talking

Be a role model 

As parents, we know that we are the most important role models for our kids. This is especially true when it comes to alcohol. 

Children and young teens have eagle eyes so try not to drink too much or too regularly in front of them to set a good example. 

If you’re at a party or family gathering, why not alternate alcoholic and soft drinks and ensure alcohol isn’t the main focus of the events. 

Better still, why not make your next BBQ or party an alcohol-free zone and try out some of our great mocktails instead? 

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