Five tips to inspire your family to make some healthier changes

Finding time to stay healthy can be difficult. Combine this with finding time to spend together as a family, and you probably feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day! 

So here are five ways to encourage your family to get healthy, together.

1. Go team!

Families who play together, stay active together. According to research, parents who encouraged their children to play team sports found that their kids spend less time in front of the screen. 

Why not encourage your child to sign up for a sporting event and train together as a family?
If team sports really aren't your bag, or your child's favourite pastime, then choose activities you can do individually, but together. 
Running, cycling, swimming or walking, are all good ways to inject some more physical activity into your family time, and benefit your health.

2. Cook together

Research suggests that children who help prepare meals with their parents eat more fruit and vegetables, which can help your family eat a more balanced diet. 

To help educate and inspire your children to make healthier food choices why not cook up a storm together?

Before hitting the kitchen, you could even shop for the ingredients together and encourage them to read the nutritional information panels on the back of packaged items. 

Maybe turn it in to a bit of a treasure hunt by getting them to find healthier alternatives using the free FoodSwitch app. 

3. Play together

Step away from the computer games, and have some fun, the good old-fashioned way. 

Puzzles, card games and jigsaws are great for brain fitness and can be fun for all members of the family. 

4. Go off grid

Family going on a camping trip
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 96 per cent of Australian children spend their recreational time watching TV or videos. 

So put away those screens and head to the great outdoors, for a weekend getaway of camping, fishing, camp fires, trekking and tree climbing. 

It's thought that regularly spending time playing outdoors can have long-term benefits for children’s health and wellbeing, physical co-ordination and even ability to concentrate.

5. Take the challenge

Why not sign up for the Bupa Family Challenge? The Bupa Family Challenge dares families to choose one or more challenges to help them make healthy changes to their lives.

Each challenge runs for one week and involves a different activity to help you achieve your health goals. 
It is completely free to take part and every challenge completed will increase your chances of winning some great prizes for the whole family to enjoy. 

The idea is that by making healthier choices and developing healthy habits as a team, your family can boost their fitness, improve their diet, and enjoy more time together.
Infographic with five tips to help inspire your family to be healthier
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