10 games to play with your friends and family

Here are 10 fun games to play together, using items you might find around your house.

Hanky Panky

What you need: a box of tissues for each player

What you do: each player pulls tissues out of their box. The winner is the player who empties their box first.

Bonus point for whoever can get all the tissues back in the box so you can use them for snotty noses later.

Cup Stacking

What you need: plastic cups (10, 15 or 21) and a stopwatch or a clock.

What you do: take turns stacking the cups in a pyramid. The winner is the player who completes their pyramid in the fastest time. Alternatively, give a full set of cups to each player and race against each other.

Shake What Your Mama Gave You

What you need: an empty tissue box, 10-15 ping pong balls and a belt or ribbon (per person, or one set to share).

What you do: widen the opening on the top of the tissue box slightly, attach the box to the belt or ribbon and fill with ping pong balls. Each player has the box tied to their waist, and has to shake until all the balls fall out, or to get the most they can out in a minute. The winner is the person who gets them out the fastest, or who gets the most out in a minute!

Ball Hat

What you need: a trampoline (if you’ve got one), tennis balls or ping pong balls and a bucket.

What you do: cover the trampoline with balls and jump on the trampoline whilst throwing balls into a bucket which is placed nearby. The winner is the person who gets the most balls in the bucket in a minute. Pay attention with this one, while it’s a lot of fun, be careful not to lose your balance!

Fly Swatter

What you need: a fly swat and balloons.

What you do: keep the balloon from hitting the ground for as long as you can, using only the fly swatter to touch it. Add more difficulty by adding another balloon.

Blown Away

What you need: a straw and plastic cup for each player, and a table.

What you do: use a straw to blow a plastic cup from one side of the table to the other. The winner is the player who gets the cup to the other side first.

Cookie Monster

What you need: one biscuit per person.

What you do: each player starts with the biscuit on their forehead. The first person to get the biscuit into their mouth, without using hands, wins.

Marshmallow Throw Down

What you need: mini marshmallows and one cup per team.

What to do: pairs should stand two to three metres apart, with one holding a plastic cup and the other holding the marshmallows. The person with marshmallows aims to throw as many into their partner’s cup as possible in just a minute. The pair with the most marshmallows in the cup at the end wins.

Tip: for uneven numbers, try putting the cups on a table and competing individually.

Stick it to Them

What you need: sticky notes.

What you do: In pairs, one player has to stick as many post-it notes as possible on their partner in a minute. The winner is the group which has had the most sticky notes stuck on at the end.

Tip: for uneven numbers, have one person who gets the notes stuck to them each round. Collect and save the post it notes afterwards so you can use them for craft or other creative activities.

This Sucks

What you need: two bowls, washed beans, a straw.

What you do: each player has to try to move as many beans as they can from one bowl to the other using the straw to suck them up. The player with the most in their bowl after a minute wins.

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