Preparing a nursery: How to decorate like the pros

Whether you're preparing a nursery for the first time, or looking to freshen up the baby room, here are some tips from Damian and Adele from The Block.   

For many expectant parents, preparing a nursery is a rite of passage. But not everyone knows where to start. We asked Block stars and parents-to-be, Damian and Adele from Grafico, for their tips. Here's their guide to decorating a nursery that's not only practical but on-trend too. 

Before you start decorating

The first step is to set a clear budget. When we first started planning for the nursery we looked up some online baby stores and thought $100 here or $120 there didn't sound too bad. 

However once we actually sat down and looked at our budget, we had to take a second look at our plans!  

Also, as with any room, think about how it ties in with the decor of the home. You want the nursery to flow with the rest of the home, but at the same time it should feel like it is a designated area for your baby. 

Getting started

You and your baby will probably be spending a lot of time in the nursery so it's important the room is safe, comfortable and provides a calming environment. 

However, designing a nursery shouldn’t be a chore. Have some fun!  Remember it’s a space that your child is going to literally grow up in, sleep in and learn in. You’re going to spend some late nights and early mornings in there, so you want to create a space that's a ‘haven of tranquility’ for your baby and you too!

It's also a good idea to create a space that reflects your personal style, so why not bring a bit of both of your personalities into the room?  
childs bedroom

Design trends

These days’ parents are challenging the status quo and designing nurseries that are modern, stylish, match current interior design trends, and most importantly, can last long after you've brought your newborn home. 

Gone are the days of blue for boys and pink for girls. It’s now all about soft whites and creams accentuated with greys and brown. We are also shifting away from daggy 'kiddy' rooms, to a sophisticated, modern look that ties in with the whole home. 

Wallpaper has been gaining popularity over the past years. Modern wallpaper designs can add a touch of sophistication and style to the room, which can last throughout a childhood rather than something parents have to replace 6 months later.

Wallpaper and wall decals are also a great way to bring soul to the room rather than just painting the walls one colour. 

For best at-home results, it's important to choose a product that is self-adhesive, easy to install and also removable. 

In 2013, Damian and Adele from Grafico appeared in several episodes of the hit TV show 'The Block', working alongside contestants Alisa & Lysandra. Since then they have collaborated numerous times with the design duo to create a number of custom wall coverings for bespoke interior design projects. 

Damian and Adele are now pregnant with their first child, and are working with Alisa & Lysandra to help design their own nursery, and they are documenting the renovation online. For all the updates visit their Facebook page. 

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