6 Ways to Choose a Baby Name in a Fun, Quirky Way

When you’ve tried all the conventional sources of baby names but still coming up empty, it’s time for a wackier approach.

So your precious bub is on the way but you have no inkling what to name the little person. You’ve read various baby-name books from cover to cover and you and your partner have just rejected each other’s short lists. Well, there’s no need to panic just yet – here we delve into some of the quirkier ways to get those baby-naming juices flowing.

Take inspiration from the big screen

TV shows and movies are a great way to audition your desired choice of name. Fans of cult Brit period drama Downton Abbey, for instance, are naming their offspring Ivy, Mary, Rose and Violet, after their favourite characters, while Sansa and Arya are proving to be a hit with Game of Thrones addicts. And the popularity of remake The Great Gatsby has seen a marked resurgence in the names Daisy and Jay, after the flick’s leading couple.

Have fun with an app

If your smartphone runs your life then why not use it to help you name your baby? Kick to Pick is a fun app where your unborn child has the chance to choose their own name. When your baby kicks, the app detects the movement and stops the name generator to reveal their chosen moniker – voila! Or you could do this yourself by reading out your favourite names until your bub boots you in the belly.

If your smartphone runs your life then why not use it to help you name your baby?

Embrace the great outdoors

If you get those feel-good vibes when out and about in the great outdoors, why not take some inspiration from your natural surroundings when deciding on your baby’s name? Girls’ names such as Willow, Coral, Autumn and Flora all take you back to nature – as do Dale, Ash and Basil for boys.

Lady writing baby names

See it in the stars

If you have a penchant for stargazing and swear by your daily horoscope, there’s a baby-name generator out there that you’re predestined to try. Based on your child’s zodiac sign, Pokerala Kids gives you a choice of astrologically fitting names for your child – and even claims that the right one will bring him or her good fortune in the future!

If you swear by your daily horoscope, there’s a baby-name generator out there that you’re predestined to try.

Put it to a vote

Why not try throwing your favourite names out into the World Wide Web and let the majority decide for you? As a member of American baby site babynames.com you can post a list of your preferred baby names and ask others to vote yay or nay. Sure, this means leaving the decision to a bunch of strangers, but your bub will never know.

Hire a specialist

If you’ve reached a complete stalemate with names, maybe the time has come to leave it to the experts. Sherri Suzanne, founder of My Name for Life, runs a professional baby-name consultancy service that helps parents all over the world. “Parents come to me to make name recommendations specifically for their child,” Sherri says. “It often means understanding languages, traditions, religions and other things that go into a name.” So there is an art to it after all!

Picking that magic moniker for your future bundle of joy can take a lot of time and effort. And rightly so – not to put the pressure on or anything, but your decision is a defining moment in your baby’s life (and they’ve not even been born yet). Remember to jot down any front runners as you think of them because, more often than not, a ‘maybe’ name will go on to become your baby’s name. But whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun with it – it’s an exciting time!

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