Five Ways Not to Fail at Being the Tooth Fairy

Some ideas that might help you rock the tooth fairy gig. 

My first attempt at being the tooth fairy was a tad earlier than I had planned. 

My three year old smashed up her front teeth and after a rough day of surgery, the tooth fairy crept into her room and exchanged what was left of her teeth for some fairy wings and a ten dollar note. 

Yep, the tooth fairy paid up big time in an attempt to dull the trauma of the whole event.

I pulled the job off without a hitch and basked in the glow of a small child who had just had her belief in fairies irrefutably confirmed.
It was three years until I was called on to don the fairy wings again. This time for a single tooth lost the usual way, and the good fairy left a nice shiny gold coin.  Job done. 

Having twins, the lost teeth came thick and fast from there on in, and, being the diligent mother I am, I played the role of the tooth fairy with finesse... for the first few months anyway.

After a while the novelty of the job kinda wore off, and one fateful night, as I waited for my non-sleeping child to finally doze off, I fell asleep first and forgot.

In the morning there was a few tears, lots of discussion about why the tooth fairy did not come, and a nice big helping of guilt.

The next night, determined to make up for the mistake, I waited and waited until eventually all was still and quiet. I crept in and made the switch. I even left a sparkly note explaining the absence from the night before. I was back on top of my game, or so I thought.

A few days later I overheard my girls talking… 
"The tooth fairy is not real" 
"How do you know?"
"I was still awake and I saw Mum do it!"

At the tender age of 6 and a half my non-sleeping child, the same one who'd gotten all the loot for her smashed up teeth, had caught me out, and dobbed!

For the next few months we all pretended like nothing had changed. I played the role of the tooth fairy, and my girls played the role of believers, until I screwed up again.

"It's OK Mum" she said to me in the morning, "I know you are the tooth fairy, you can just give me a dollar now."

There ended my illustrious career as the tooth fairy.

If you don’t want to end your tooth fairy career as abruptly as I did, these ideas might help you rock the tooth fairy gig. 

1. Set an Alarm

Make sure you never forget to do the deed, set an alarm to remind you.

2. Not so Close

Don’t make it hard on yourself by putting the lost tooth under the pillow or right next to your sleeping child. Get a little tooth fairy bag and hang it on the bedroom door. 

3. Change Locations Entirely 

If you have a light sleeper then suggest the tooth be left in the lounge room or the kitchen to make it even easier to make the switch without getting sprung.

4. Be Prepared for Mistakes

Make sure you have a good excuse ready, just in case you forget. These cute free printable notes from the forgetful tooth fairy might help. 

5. Use Technology to Your Advantage

The 'I saw the tooth fairy' app is sure to convince any doubters, even if you’ve screwed up. 

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