Meditation for busy mums

The busy mum’s guide to finding time to meditate. 

As a mum, trying to find time to meditate is  like trying to pull a three  year old away from a Peppa Pig   episode – it often feels like it  just ain’t going to happen.


It can.

Yep, you really can meditate and get all the goodness that comes with it in just a few minutes each day.

I’m a huge fan of meditating. I often wake up craving the ‘space’ that clearing my mind creates. 

I adore shutting my eyes and sitting by myself for just a little bit. There’s no need to think about school pick-ups, how I’m going to make dinner in 20 minutes, or the mounting pile of laundry building up. I can just sit there and be still. Thoughts come and thoughts go but it’s the one time I don’t have to listen to them, decide what to do about them or even act on them . It’s bliss.
mum relaxing on couch
So how’d I get here?
1.  I found a time of the day that works for me. Here are some ideas for how you too can find 5 minutes for yourself:
  • Do it when you first wake up.
  • Do it when the kids are eating dinner.
  • Do it when the kids are watching something on T.V
  • Do it in the car after school drop-off or before pick up.
  • Turn-up to a meeting early and do it there.
  • Do it straight after exercise. 
2.  I don’t have a special chair/place or play any soothing music, that way when I get a spare moment I can just find a corner that is quiet and meditate there. 

3.  I downloaded a meditation track on my phone. This is my key to staying focused, I listen to the words, I breathe deeply and keep my eyes closed.

4.  I stopped worrying about whether I was meditating correctly. I just concentrate on the fact I feel better after doing it and that’s all that matters to me. 
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