Five gifts to make a new mum's day

If you struggle to know what to buy a new mum, here are five gift suggestions that might make their day, and help you stand out from the crowd (of flowers). 

When a new baby comes along, it seems to be tradition to welcome it to the world with a small gift. And while everyone is thinking about the new baby and those oh-so-cute tiny baby clothes, it might be easy to overlook the new mum. 

Of course, there is no rule that says you have to buy a gift for a new mum, however if you are going to, here are some suggestions that may just stand out from the crowd (of flowers) and help to make a new mum’s day.

1. New mum survival kit
Got a cute jar or box lying around? Fill it with a new mum survival kit. Think about adding in some healthy ‘on the go’ snacks such as popcorn, maybe some hand sanitizer and dry shampoo or even a lip gloss and face wipes. Anything that you think your friend would appreciate, bundle it up and know that each time she reaches in there, she’ll be thinking of you.

2. Feed a friend
This is an oldie, but a goodie. While new parents are all about keeping their new bundle fed, it can often be hard to find time to prepare healthy food for themselves. Prepare a dish you can drop around to go in their freezer or pick up some fresh fruit and a carton of milk and take it over to them. This simple act of feeding a friend can be invaluable. 
Bathroom with jars on shelf
3. Pampering
If you’ve got a friend who is a new mum, or you’ve been there yourself, you might know how hard it can be to do even simple things for yourself – like having a shower. Why not pick out a nice shower gel, or even a luxurious moisturiser, so that when she does have the time, she’ll have something to spoil herself with. 

4. Bring in the professionals
Maybe group together with friends and arrange to pay for a nappy service, or a cleaner, to help take the load off your friend for a little bit. Or maybe arrange a professional photo shoot to capture those first precious months. Sometimes it’s worth bringing in the professionals and deliver a gift you know will be treasured.

5. Encouragement

Perhaps the easiest, but most overlooked, gift you can give someone is love and encouragement. Take the time to listen (really listen) and look for ways to boost their confidence. Having a new baby can be confusing, and new parents often doubt themselves; reassuring your friend they’re doing a good job (or assisting them to find help if they need it) can be the best gift of all.
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