6 apps to help new parents during the first 1000 days

When you've just had a baby, your phone can be a great source of information, support and reassurance. Here are six apps that might help.

1.  iCare4u – get help without asking 
iCare4u is an app that can be used by parents who are looking for help. You simply download the app, create a virtual support group by inviting your friends and family to join. You then write a list of things (cooking, laundry, etc) that you may need help with and your friends and family can go through and pick tasks to help you with. This can be a great tool to help you set up a meal roster or babysitting duties for willing friends and family for example, and helps remove the awkwardness of having to ask for help. 
Available for both iPhone and Android 
2.  mummatters - emotional wellness support
mummatters is a free online tool developed by Bupa, St John of God Health Care and the University of New South Wales that can be used during pregnancy and in the year after birth to help you get a better sense of your emotional wellbeing and support you to stay well. In under five minutes you are guided through a series of questions to gauge where your emotional health is at. mummatters also guides you to support and resources relevant to you, and you can set up a Wellness plan in the app, with steps you can take to help you stay emotionally well. 
mummatters will also remind you when you next need to check in to see how you’re feeling. This is usually every 4 weeks.
Available for both iPhone and Android 
3.  Babycare tracker 
Keep track of when you breastfed, how long you fed for (and from which breast), your baby's nappy patterns, and growth and development with this free app by Feed Baby. Simple to use, it can help reassure new parents during those first few weeks when a baby's feeding may be erratic. By inputting information such as feeding, sleeping, playtime, you'll be able to see a pattern emerge, which, as your baby grows older, may help you establish a routine, or anticipate when they may need  their next feed. 
Available both iPhone and Android
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4.  Keeping baby safe - product safety app
If you're concerned that a product you're buying for your child hasn't been thoroughly tested or approved, you can check it out with this free app developed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). This is a good app to have on your phone when shopping to give you some information on: hazards related to the product you are buying, things to look out for buying the product and any safety issues to note.  
Available: iPhone, iPod, iPhone
5.  Cot to bed safe sleeping app
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) affects more than 3,500 families each year. Although the cause of SIDS is not fully understood, there are recommendations based on the latest research to help reduce the risk of SIDS by creating a safe sleeping environment for you child. This app provides advice on how to encourage tummy time play, safe wrapping, and the ideal sleeping position for your baby, and importantly, when to move them from a cot to a bed. 
Available on: iPhone and Android

6.  National public toilet map - find a change station
It’s sometimes tricky when you're out and about and your baby needs a sudden change (or feed), or you desperately need the loo. This app can help you find the nearest toilet to your current location with baby changing and feeding facilities.  
For: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Using technology to keep your baby happy, healthy, well-fed and rested can help you during the first thousand days of parenthood. 
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