The five tech gadgets that new parents need

Don’t get lost in the sea of baby and new-parent gadgets. Here we present our top five picks to help you along in your parenting journey.

In the excitement of a new baby, it’s easy for new parents to get lost in a barrage of weird and wonderful gadgets that promise to deliver little miracles: settling your restless baby, making feeding a walk in the park, and snatching more Zzz’s for new parents. 

The reviews from your own support team can be equally polarising: your friend swears by her white noise machine, but your sister says that you’re better off buying a sleep sack. It can be enough to make you want to throw your hands in the air and attempt it the old fashioned way.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, we also think that there are some pretty nifty gadgets out there that may be just what you need. Here are five of our picks.

1.  Online video-on-demand

You might wonder how getting an online movie streaming service could possibly help you with your new responsibilities, given that you won’t have as much ‘me’ time. However, considering the time that you’ll be spending during in the middle of the night feeding your little one, having a show or (part of) a movie to help the time pass might start to sound like a really good idea. 

2.  Baby white noise machines

Some parents swear by this, others not. We understand that it’s purely a personal choice, but advocates for white noise machines argue that the soothing noises emitted by baby white noise machines can help their little ones to sleep with less fuss. With the many device options available, and the cherished prospect of a little more sleep, you may figure it’s worth a shot.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in a white noise machine, you can play some classical music. Either way, just remember to keep the volume at a whisper-quiet level.

3.  Smart baby monitors

Today’s baby monitors are a far cry from your traditional audio-only monitors. Mountable, HD video and sound enabled monitors are available in many brands and models, and can be relatively inexpensive for entry-level devices. For some parents, seeing is believing, and the added video functionality can bring peace of mind that can help you rest easier.
mother taking selfie with baby lying on floor

4.  A decent camera

While it’s convenient to have your phone on hand to snap a quick pic, it’s also worth investing in a decent camera to take quality snapshots that you can print, frame and share with loved ones. You don’t have to spend a mint on the highest end camera; an inexpensive but quality, point-and-shoot camera will do the trick. Many cameras come with WIFI connect now as well, meaning you can download images to your phone on the go, to share online if you like.

5.  Smart phone

What did we do before smart phones? With your phone in hand, at the touch of a button you’ll have free and inexpensive ways to capture photos and share memories, set reminders, plan your pregnancy and generally keep life semi-organised. There’s more apps than you can poke a stick at to help new parents and parents-to-be, in which we’ve listed our top five here.

Every bub is different, and every parent has their own style. It’s important to keep in mind that what works for some, may not work for others, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the same results as your friends. It’s all a matter of finding what works for you.
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