The five apps that new parents need

Apps have come a long way in a short time, and many of them are here to smooth the bumps in the road for new parents and parents-to-be.

It’s not unheard of to stumble across scores of new apps a daily basis. And who has time to wade through them to find the ones that actually work?

We cut through the clutter and bring you our pick of the best types of apps to help you in your parenting journey.

1. Bupa Beginnings

While not technically an app, you can access this free, easy and interactive guide for parents-to-be, to help guide you through the healthcare system when expecting a baby. The interactive hub can be accessed by anyone, and offers clear and helpful information on your health and care options, from pregnancy through to the early months of your child’s life. Find out more by visiting here

2. Breastfeeding schedules

Keeping track of when your baby last fed is challenging for many new parents. This sentiment obviously hasn’t been lost on developers, as there are a multitude of apps that help you keep track of feeding throughout the day. It will also gently prompt you when feeding slips your mind (if the crying baby doesn’t do it first), making it an easy way to keep on top of your nursing schedule.

3. FoodSwitch

It can be hard to juggle all of the new responsibilities with becoming a new parent. You can take some of the effort out of thinking how to eat well, by downloading the free Bupa Foodswitch app. Simply scan an item’s barcode in the supermarket and the app will suggest healthier options, freeing up more of your mental energy to focus on the important things. Search your app store for “foodswitch” to get started or visit here for more details. 

4. Online shopping

When every second of your time (or sleep) is precious, now is an ideal opportunity to use online shopping to your advantage. There’s almost nothing that you can’t buy online and have delivered right to your door – groceries, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, clothes, nappies – it’s all so conveniently possible!

5. Video call / chat

After having a baby it’s really important to make sure you stay connected to your support network, even though it might not be possible to catch up in person; you’ve got a different schedule going on, and it’s even more complicated if they live interstate or overseas. In these instances, video calls and chat apps are a perfect way to help you keep connected with loved ones and friends.
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