Six tips for visiting new parents

If you're excitedly waiting for a friend's new baby to arrive, maybe take a moment to check out our six tips for visiting new parents so you're welcome back again and again.

There’s no doubt that a new baby in your circle of friends is exciting. You’ve probably been waiting for months to meet this little person, and congratulate your friends on this enormous next step in their lives.

But there are some un-written rules of etiquette for visiting the new family, that while may not apply to everyone (because of course, everyone is different), they are worth being aware of and checking with your friends.

Here are six tips for visiting new parents to make sure you’re welcome back again and again.

1. Don’t rush in
Unless they’re your sibling or close friends, you probably don’t need to rush to see them on day one. While it’s exciting, many new families get bombarded in those first few days and they often do it on very little sleep. Give them some space and always check first before coming to visit.

2. Be useful
When visiting, take a moment to see if there’s anything practical you can do to help. Is there a basket of laundry waiting to be folded? Why not get stuck into that while you chat? Or maybe offer to hold the baby while your friend takes a quick shower? Bonus baby cuddles are available with that option!

3. Don’t be a guest
It may sound silly, but try not to be a guest when visiting your friend. If you know where the mugs are, don’t wait to be asked; pop the kettle on and make both of you a cup of tea. Your friend is playing host to a whole new person, take the pressure off and treat her like the guest of honour for a bit.
Woman at market with flowers and fruit
4. Don’t come empty handed
The smallest thing can mean a lot when you’re in those first few months. Give her a call when you’re on your way and offer to run to the chemist, or pick up some fresh fruit, or whatever else she might need. Even if she says no, pick up some healthy basics and fill her fridge, it won’t go unappreciated.

5. Be prepared to change plans

Those first few months can be so tricky to navigate, and plans can change with little notice. Don’t take it personally if your friend needs to cancel or change things around. They might have had a terrible night sleep, or maybe the baby is coming down with something. Be flexible and your friend will appreciate the understanding.

6. If you’re sick, stay away
It might be common sense, but if you’re coming down with something, even so much as a sniffle, you should probably stay away until you’re well. At the very least let the new parents know so they can make the call. They’ll really value your thoughtfulness and you’ll get some time back to rest up and get better.
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