Ingenious solutions for baby sleep

What’s a parent to do when their little darling just won’t sleep? We spoke to parents for their tips.

You’ve tried our 5 step plan to help your baby sleep but your little possum is still wide awake!  Don’t stress: most parents have been there, so who better to ask for some tried and tested tips and tricks on getting your baby to sleep? 

Hard floor, hard sleep

“We had to run the pram backwards and forwards over this bump between the hard floors and the carpeted area in the family room. It was the only way he would sleep.” Catherine 

Rubbish (truck) singing

“We all sing a song called Rubbish Truck. It was made up by her talented two and four-year-old siblings who would sing it when the beloved rubbish truck came past. It still works in desperate times even at 10 months.” Clare

A touch of patriotism

“I was so exhausted one night and couldn't think of any more songs to sing, so ended up singing Advance Australia Fair over and over again in as much of a lullaby-type voice as I could.” Megan

Tricky terrain

“I would walk my little man to the shops with two wheels on the grass and two on the path. It worked well.” Tania
Baby in pram

Clean sleeping

“A doctor I work with would run the vacuum cleaner as this replicates womb sounds.” Judy 

Star light, star bright

“I used to walk the streets pushing the pram at night singing “Twinkle Twinkle [Little Star]” until my ears bled.” Nicole 

Drive-by sleeping

“We often drove around the streets at night listening to songs. I even considered sleeping in the car the whole night with them but I only lasted half an hour.” Schandell 

Water therapy

“I put my little man in the bathroom watching the whole family shower to make him relaxed and sleepy. I think the water from the shower calms him down.” Puti 

Squat till you drop (off)

“I hold my baby close and do exercise squats. Or I give her to Grandmother.” Lydia

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to baby sleep. Try a few methods to see what works for your bub – and you.
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