Baby sleep: five secret tips

“How’s your baby sleeping?” Is often the number one question new parents get asked. For most of us, getting a baby to sleep can be hard. Really hard. You might be surprised to learn that for babies, sleeping doesn’t always come naturally. Babies may need to be taught how to sleep just like they learn to walk and talk.

What do you do if you’ve tried all the tips, walked the streets in the pram and even driven around the block in the car but your baby is still wide-eyed? Here are some unusual tips from other parents who have battled to get their baby to sleep.

1.  Back to the womb

“The midwives did this in the hospital nursery so I tried it and it worked a treat too. I downloaded a ‘womb noises’ app for my phone and placed it near the cot. After a few minutes, my daughter was out like a light with a smile on her face.” Jenny, mother of one.

2.  Cuddle him close

“Our son didn’t like to sleep in his bassinet or cot so for the first few months, we would just pop him in the baby carrier and walk down to the beach or up to the shops. After a few minutes, he was sound asleep and sometimes I could even grab a coffee and enjoy a few moments to myself. It was also great for me to get out of the house into the sun and fresh air.” Katrina, mother of one.

3.  Block it all out

“I was dubious about this but it worked: when we covered our son’s eyes without touching his face and patted his chest, he would always fall fast asleep.” Julie, mother of one.
nikki with her baby

4.  Hands free settling

“I have twins so in the early days, I just didn’t have enough hands to settle both at one time. Thank god my daughter loved the electric baby swing. I would put her in it with the nursery rhyme setting and she would sleep for hours.” Scarlett, mother of twins.

5.  Shower soprano

“It was afternoon, my baby hadn’t stopped crying and I was still in my pyjamas. As a last resort, I popped her in a rocker while I took a quick shower. The running water acted as a ‘white noise’, her cries stopped instantly and she fell asleep. It was the best shower I’d ever had!” Kate, mother of two.

Every baby is different and what works for one may not work for the next. The secret is to keep trying new approaches until you find the one that works for your family.
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