Toby Mundel

Toby Mündel

Senior Lecturer, School of Sport and Exercise at Massey University

I teach and research how exercise, environmental stressors (e.g. extreme temperature and altitude, reduced hydration and sleep) and drugs affecting the central nervous system (e.g. stimulants and pain-killers) affect the human body. End goals include improved physical and cognitive performance and reduced risk to health, as well as a better understanding of the contributing mechanisms.


2011–present Senior Lecturer, Massey University
2006–2010 Lecturer, Massey University
2005–2006 Research Associate, University of Birmingham


2006  University of Birmingham, PhD
2002  University of Birmingham, BSc (Hons)
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Toby Mündel
Toby Mündel 14 Jun 15 Wellness

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