Susannah Newman

Susannah Newman

Health writer 

Susannah Newman is a health writer who is passionate about promoting holistic health care that considers body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In her spare time, she is a long-distance runner (physical activity is great for your wellbeing!), foodie, and an aspiring lounge singer. 
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sunsafe boy Healthier

Perils of Sunburn 

As we head in to the prime time for outdoor activities and searingly sunny days, we discuss the perils of an all-too-familiar summer snafu – sunburn… read more

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 25 Nov 15 Wellness
Good looking man drinking water after excercising Healthier

Alcohol is no workout partner

While the occasional drink generally won’t do us harm, it’s important to understand the effects alcohol can have on aspects of your exercise regime.… read more

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 22 Oct 15 Reduce alcohol
woman on laptop Healthier

Three habits for a healthy mind and body

Looking after yourself is important. Here are three tips to help you cope when the competing demands of life seem bigger than your ability to cope. 

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 18 Jun 15 Wellness
man with cold holding his head Healthier

10 tips to help you avoid getting the winter nasties at work

Colds and flu’s are easy to catch and spread; and hard to avoid, particularly when you work in close quarters. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid… read more

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 11 Jun 15 Wellness
relaxing with a cup of tea Healthier

Healthy living for winter wellness

Do the shorter, darker days of winter leave you feeling wistful and inclined to hibernate? Read on for tips to feel sprightlier and help fend off… read more

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 09 Jun 15 Wellness
Yoga pose Healthier

How to Choose the Right Types of Yoga if You're a Beginner

Want to begin your yoga practice but unsure which style is right for you? Our guide can help you make your decision.

Susannah Newman
Susannah Newman 02 Apr 15 Be active

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