Sarah Megginson

Sarah Megginson

Author, Journalist and Editor

Sarah Megginson is an experienced author, journalist and editor, who specialises in writing about business, property, travel and parenting. She also loves tackling long-form projects, having edited or ghost-written 20-plus non-fiction books on topics as diverse as health and fitness, parenting, property and small business.
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Mum breastfeeding her baby Families

Breastfeeding tips: how dads can support new mums

Some tips for new Dads on how they can support their partners when learning to breastfeed.  

Sarah Megginson
Sarah Megginson 27 Dec 15 Babies
Couple laughing while hugging Families

Staying connected after having a baby

There are few certainties in life, but there’s one in particular that many say is an undisputed truth: having a baby changes everything.

Sarah Megginson
Sarah Megginson 27 Dec 15 Parental health
dad holding baby Families

New Fathers: the importance of helping out

Helping out with your newborn not only gives your partner a break, it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your baby. Check out what you… read more

Sarah Megginson
Sarah Megginson 27 Dec 15 Babies
Woman with baby preparing to breastfeed Families

Breastfeeding: Not as easy as one, two, three

Breastfeeding may come easily and naturally for some but for others it may be a painful, difficult or impractical experience. 

Sarah Megginson
Sarah Megginson 24 Dec 15 Babies
little boy sitting on potty Families

5 Stages of potty training

Potty training a toddler is no one’s idea of fun. It's messy, it’s time consuming and it can take weeks (if not months) for your little one to get… read more

Sarah Megginson
Sarah Megginson 10 Nov 15 Raising children

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