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By day, Renee works in social media at Bupa. By night, she blogs about her busy life as a single mum, raising a daughter with Autism.
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Mother and daughter relaxing Families

Five ways to connect with your tweens

The transition from child to teenager can be a tricky time for everyone in the family. Here are five ways you can still spend quality time with them.

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 13 Jan 17 Raising children
a boy swimming in the ocean in a triathlon Families

10 tips for terrific triathlon transitions

If your kids are taking part in a triathlon, these tips can help them manage transitions with ease. 

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 05 Jan 17 Raising children
anxiety sufferers Healthier

Anxiety sufferers:10 things you may relate to

If you've never had anxiety, it might be hard to understand how it can impact your daily life. Here are some things that I've experienced. Maybe you… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 06 Oct 16 Mental Health
Two people talking over coffee Healthier

Seven ways to build resilience

We spoke to Stuart Haydock, organisational psychologist, on ways you can try to build resilience and help you manage stress and anxiety.

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 06 Oct 16 Mental Health
woman on train Healthier

Anxiety: it's time to break the stigma

Until recently, anxiety has been something many people have chosen to keep to themselves. Bupa’s social media specialist Renee Bugg opens up about… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 22 Sep 16 Mental Health
Child cycling Families

Along for the ride: one family's cycling story

Find out how our whole family has been taken along for the ride, as we've discovered the world of cycling through our daughter's passion for the… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 21 Sep 16 Raising children
Child playing with toys Caring

Embracing disability: from parents who've been there

When your child is first diagnosed with a disability, it can be a confusing time. These families share how they've come to embrace the diagnosis and… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 18 Aug 16 Carer support
newborn in his fathers arms Families

Birth trauma: when birth doesn't go by the book

Preparing to welcome a new baby to the family can be one of the most exciting, and nervous times of a parent’s life. Most new parents spend hours… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 17 Aug 16 Pregnancy
toddler reading a book with his Dad Families

Study: background noise makes it harder for toddlers to learn language

A new study from the US has found that children find it harder to learn new words if they are surrounded by background noise.

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 16 Aug 16 Babies
family on couch Families

Get the conversation started

Keeping your family talking is important, but it can be tricky - especially as your kids get older. We share some tips on how to get the conversation… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 12 Aug 16 Raising children
Pokemon Go Hero Families

Pokemon Go: taking ridiculous to family levels

Have you been wondering what this new tech craze, Pokemon Go, is all about? Here we explore how it's keeping families connected and may have some… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 11 Jul 16 Raising children
two women hugging Families

How to help someone who doesn't ask for it.

We’ve all probably got that friend who struggles to accept help, no matter how much you can see they need it. In fact, we’ve all probably been that… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 07 May 16 Raising children
toddler making a mess Families

Five ways to ask for help if you're a new mum

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s a visit to mothers group, and you’re the only new mum there who can’t remember the last time they washed their hair,… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 27 Apr 16 Parental health
man holding newborn baby Families

Six tips for visiting new parents

If you're excitedly waiting for a friend's new baby to arrive, maybe take a moment to check out our six tips for visiting new parents so you're… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 14 Jan 16 Babies
quiche with knife Families

Five gifts to make a new mum's day

If you struggle to know what to buy a new mum, here are five gift suggestions that might make their day, and help you stand out from the crowd (of… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 14 Jan 16 Parental health
woman holding a baby Families

Babysitting 101: What you need to know

If you're about to take on the responsibility of babysitting for a friend or family member, there are some basic tips you should probably know. 

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 14 Jan 16 Babies
baby on mans lap Families

Secrets to supporting a new family

It can be hard to know what to do to support a friend with a new baby. But with a little 'out of the box' thinking, anyone can step up to help. 

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 13 Jan 16 Parental health
girl and dog looking out door Families

Returning to work: things to consider

Returning to work after having a baby is a deeply personal decision, which is often complicated by not only your desire to do the best thing for your… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 22 Dec 15 Parental health
family opening presents near tree Healthier

Five ways to navigate family dramas this festive season

With Christmas looming, and the New Year just around the corner, you may be facing a bunch of functions with your extended family. 

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 30 Nov 15 Mental Health
Brothers laying in a box Families

Banish 'I'm bored' whines this school holidays

Suffering from school holiday fever? Don't stress the end is nearly in sight but if you're sick of hearing the whines of ‘I’m bored’ here are five… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 30 Nov 15 Raising children
two friends sitting on couch laughing Families

5 Tips to Support a Friend Who Has Become a Carer

Five tips that might help you be a better friend to someone who has found themselves thrust into the role of a carer. 

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 09 Oct 15 Raising children
Bugg family Families

5 Facts About Autism I Want Everyone to Know

Renée Bugg, is a mother of 10-year-old Poss who has autism and generalised anxiety. Renée blogs at About A Bugg to “share our world and show others… read more

Renee Bertolus
Renee Bertolus 22 Jul 15 Raising children

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