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Rachel Devine is a professional photographer by trade, American ex-pat now based in Melbourne, mother of three children, author of two books and the creative mind behind photography blog Sesame Ellis.
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Collage of girls from Rachel Devine's Within the Keep - Bupa Blue Room Families

Within the Keep: Protecting our daughters

“I want the children to see that they don’t have to become these perfect robotic little people.” Photographer and mum of three Rachel Devine opens up… read more

Rachel Devine
Rachel Devine 05 Dec 16 Raising children

What I wish I had known before I became a parent

The first 1,000 days of parenthood is a period I compare to an endurance race where you have to hold one precious, loud and unreasonable human baton… read more

Rachel Devine
Rachel Devine 03 May 16 Raising children

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