Penny Shipway

Penny Shipway


Penny Shipway is a journalist and mother of two from the Sunshine Coast. She has written for newspapers, magazines and online channels, worked her way up the ranks at NewsCorp and broke stories for the Australian Associated Press (AAP) before turning freelance.
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baby in change table Families

Decorating a nursery? Start here

Tips to help you create a playful, on-trend nursery.

Penny Shipway
Penny Shipway 29 Jul 15 Pregnancy
Baby sleeping on father Families

Ingenious solutions for baby sleep

What’s a parent to do when their little darling just won’t sleep? We spoke to parents for their tips.

Penny Shipway
Penny Shipway 06 Jul 15 Babies
pregnant woman eating two bowls of pasta Families

Treat yourself to a healthier pregnancy

The verdict is in: it's completely normal to put on some weight and occasionally cave in to cravings - but moderation is the key.

Penny Shipway
Penny Shipway 18 Jun 15 Pregnancy
boy with growth chart Families

Growing Pains: All you need to know

They are the mysterious achy pains that can strike children at any time. So what are growing pains and how can we treat them?

Penny Shipway
Penny Shipway 21 May 15 Raising children
pregnant winter Families

Throw away the maternity tents

How to dress to look and feel your best when pregnant.

Penny Shipway
Penny Shipway 31 Mar 15 Pregnancy

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