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Penny Giudice is an experienced writer and editor and believes even the healthiest person can improve their wellbeing. As a mum, she’s also passionate about families having access to credible and practical health information. In her spare time, Penny loves reading, swimming, eating out and travel.
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running track Healthier

Five ways to get over a post- event slump

As the excitement of achieving a fitness milestone wears off, try these tips for getting your motivation back after the event.

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 18 Aug 15 Be active
child with brocolli Families

Healthy round the clock meal ideas for kids

On the one hand, eating healthy food seems straightforward. But being a parent is a full-time job and you need all the support you can get! 

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 12 Aug 15 Raising children
man hiking Healthier

Four great exotic holiday destinations 

Planning an exotic overseas holiday? You’re not the only one. Statistics show Aussies make around eight million international trips a year. Here are… read more

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 11 Aug 15 Wellness
Parent rubbing baby's tummy Families

Your guide to baby massage

Thought of trying baby massage to settle or bond with your baby? We take a look at this technique and guide you on where to start.

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 04 Aug 15 Babies
Smiling runners drinking water after a marathon Healthier

Six fun fitness events

There's a surge in popularity for fitness events where the emphasis is on experience rather than finishing times.  

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 20 Jul 15 Be active
Hawthorn FC volunteers Bobby Lovegrove and Ken Freiberg Caring

The 'Greats' behind our footy greats

Two Hawthorn FC property stewards share why their connection to the club means so much to them. 

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 16 Jul 15 Keep connected
Female blowing her nose Healthier

Cold or flu?

Most of us know what it feels like to have a cold. But would you know if you had the flu? Bupa's Dr Tim Ross explains the difference.  

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 24 Jun 15 Wellness
Spade in garden Healthier

Gardening: Watch your health blossom

Did you know gardening isn't just a great workout - it may also do wonders for your wellbeing? 

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 23 Jun 15 Mental Health
Peter Hudson will parents Molly and Bob Caring

Huddo kicks goals with 'Greats'

To AFL legend Peter 'Huddo' Hudson AM, nothing matters more than spending time with his Greats and having them live nearby.

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 17 Jun 15 Keep connected
Vegetables Healthier

Food pyramid: cutting through the confusion

The food pyramid has had a facelift. Bupa dietitian Rosalyn D'Angelo explains how to use it to help improve your diet.

Penny Giudice
Penny Giudice 01 Jun 15 Healthy eating

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