Pablo Vandenabeele

Pablo Vandenabeele

Clinical Director for Mental Health, Bupa

My role within Bupa is to build and develop our strategy for mental health, keeping it in line with our core values.
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young woman laying on the couch looking tired Healthier

Different types of anxiety disorders

Social anxiety, phobias, panic disorders - what's the difference? Bupa's Clinical Director of Mental Health Pablo Vandenabeele looks at the different… read more

Pablo Vandenabeele
Pablo Vandenabeele 07 Oct 16 Mental Health
two girls working arm in arm Healthier

Seven strategies to help improve confidence

Confidence is essentially a belief in our ability to succeed. It extends to all areas of our lives and if you have it in abundance, it enables you to… read more

Pablo Vandenabeele
Pablo Vandenabeele 13 May 16 Wellness

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