Miranda Herron

Miranda Herron


In her 20-odd years as a journalist, Miranda Herron has delved into everything from pesticide residues in organic foods to finding the balance between clutter and keeping the things you truly love. Every bit as inquisitive as her two school-age children, her passions include finding realistic ways to achieve healthy living, celebrating innovative thinking and helping people cut through the complexity of the modern world.
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Articles by Miranda

Woman stretching Healthier

Ballet: Love at first plié

Poise, grace and creative expression aren't usually associated with a strenuous workout session.

Miranda Herron
Miranda Herron 21 Jul 15 Be active
Woman applying sunscreen Healthier

Sunscreen: Your questions answered

Cancer Council spokesperson Terry Slevin offers some practical and sensible advice for choosing sunscreen. 

Miranda Herron
Miranda Herron 20 Jul 15 Wellness
boy looking our window at airport Families

Up in the air: How you can help manage kids on long flights 

Feeling a bit nervous about a plane trip with your kids? Here are a few tips to help make the flight as stress-free as possible.

Miranda Herron
Miranda Herron 18 May 15 Raising children
super foods - hero Healthier

Superfoods...or super marketing?

We weigh into the superfood debate and ask some people in the know what their views are on this popular trend.

Miranda Herron
Miranda Herron 25 Mar 15 Healthy eating

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