Michelle Guillemard

Michelle Guillemard


Michelle Guillemard is a health writer on a mission. She runs an online community called Health Writer Hub and is passionate about helping health writers enhance their skills and careers. A busy mother of two pre-schoolers, Michelle believes life’s too short to drink sparkling wine in place of champagne.
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Lady resting after exercise Healthier

Reasons We Feel Excessive Tiredness

Sometimes your tiredness isn’t due to a lack of sleep. Here are some less obvious reasons why you may feel fatigued.

Michelle Guillemard
Michelle Guillemard 14 Sep 15 Mental Health
food and mood do they go hand in hand hero Healthier

Food and mood: Do they go hand in hand?

If you turn to chocolate when you’re feeling low, you’re not alone. But could you be doing your health more harm than good? 

Michelle Guillemard
Michelle Guillemard 02 Sep 15 Healthy eating
Woman eating yoghurt Healthier

The happiness diet: Five smile-making tips

Searching for a natural and nutritious way to feel fabulous? Here are five dietary tips to help improve your mood.

Michelle Guillemard
Michelle Guillemard 07 Apr 15 Healthy eating

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