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Lisa has worked in various roles across print and digital media, marketing, communications, publishing and content marketing for over 10 years. Based in Sydney, she writes across all manner of subjects, but she loves writing about lifestyle, health, popular culture, innovation, arts and design.
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Lady with tape measure Healthier

BMI: Is it the be all and end all

How do you measure health? We look at BMI and some other indicators of your health status. 

Lisa Cugnetto
Lisa Cugnetto 21 Dec 15 Wellness
man bbq'ing Healthier

Vegetarian BBQ ideas

Whether you’re a vegetarian or just want to manage your meat intake, Bupa dietitian Rosalyn D’Angelo offers some healthy, vegie-based food ideas to… read more

Lisa Cugnetto
Lisa Cugnetto 07 Dec 15 Healthy eating
man and women cuddling Families

Everything you wanted to know about pregnancy sex (but were too afraid to ask)

Bupa GP Dr Gillian Rawlings offers some practical tips on having sex during and after pregnancy.

Lisa Cugnetto
Lisa Cugnetto 21 Oct 15 Pregnancy
lady with Dr Healthier

Making the most of your GP check-up

Tips on what to consider when you next visit your GP.

Lisa Cugnetto
Lisa Cugnetto 20 Oct 15 Wellness
woman in bed on her phone Healthier

How to Sleep Better by Putting Technology Away

We look at how technology can impact your sleep and offer tips on how to create better bedtime habits.

Lisa Cugnetto
Lisa Cugnetto 20 Oct 15 Mental Health

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