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Kayte Murphy

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Kayte is a 40-something housewife from the burbs, who writes a blog called WoogsWorld. She writes about all kinds of things; family, politics, food, travel, some very lame attempts at fashion, social issues, wine, cheese. And she writes a lot about laundry. She pretty much runs late all the time, and will more often or not turn up somewhere with food spilt down her top.
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Team Mac and Team Woog playing game Families

Finding a new way to connect with best friends

What happens when two bloggers go head to head with their families over some old fashioned competitive outdoor fun? Read on to find out. 

Kayte Murphy
Kayte Murphy 03 Feb 17 Raising children
Family cuddling and hugging Families

Eight ways to connect with your family

Even though my kids are getting older and becoming more independent, it's still important for us to be a team. Here are eight ways my family likes to… read more

Kayte Murphy
Kayte Murphy 16 Jan 17 Raising children

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