Katie Brown

Katie Brown


Katie Brown has been teaching prenatal yoga for 15 years. She is a lecturer on the IYTA’s (International Yoga Teachers Association) Diploma of Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training. She practised pregnancy yoga throughout her three pregnancies. She is the author of Mother Me – a mum’s guide to balance, wellbeing and harmony.
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man in gym holding shoulder Healthier

Say goodbye to 'gym-timidation'

Don’t let bulging biceps, tight spandex and complex machinery put you in a spin: here's our guide to working out like a pro.

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 14 Oct 15 Be active
lady stretching Healthier

Keeping fit while travelling: 20 minute travel workout

It can be hard to keep active when you’re at home, let alone while you’re away. Here you'll find exercise tips to help keep you active when… read more

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 16 Sep 15 Be active
Baby bottle and pump Families

Tips to help choose a breast pump

With such a huge array of breast pumps on the market (with prices to match), even the most retail-savvy mum can be challenged when it comes to making… read more

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 09 Sep 15 Babies
Baby in the bath Families

Rub-a-dub bub: tips to help make bath time tears-free

Not sure how or when to bath your newborn? Check out our tears-free guide to bathing your baby.

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 08 Sep 15 Babies
Mother holding crying baby Families

Soothe Your Crying Baby With These Parenting Tips

It’s the age-old dilemma for parents – how best to soothe your crying baby. Unfortunately there is no secret answer but here are some tips that can… read more

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 26 Aug 15 Babies
stressed mum and crying baby Families

Knowing the Symptoms of Postnatal Depression and How to Help

Becoming a parent is an emotional time, so how do you know if your partner’s tears or moods are cause for serious concern? How can you help?

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 19 Jun 15 Parental health
pregnant woman lying on fitness ball doing yoga Families

Oms the word

Prenatal yoga can offer a great combination of exercise and relaxation for mums-to-be.

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 16 Jun 15 Pregnancy
family eating at table together Families

Food for thought - eating by example

One of the best things you can do for your kids is to eat a healthy diet – not just to help improve your wellbeing, but theirs, too. 

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 20 May 15 Raising children
mother looking at bottle Families

Post birth signs you may need some help

Mums can often feel tired and teary after having a baby. But what are the signs that your feelings are more than just the baby blues?

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 20 May 15 Parental health
Woman with baby Families

My recovery from postnatal depression

How do you know if you have postnatal depression and what can you do? Journalist and mum-of-two Marianne Bradley shares her story.

Katie Brown
Katie Brown 13 May 15 Parental health

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