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Joyfully curious is how Kate Southam describes her career in journalism. She has worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, and London and loves learning about new technologies and healthy living. After decades in big cities, Kate currently enjoys the big skies and fresh air of life in the Blue Mountains in NSW with family including two dogs.
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woman being kissed Healthier

Learning to love your body as you age

Having good ‘body esteem’ as we age means aiming for a healthy rather than a perfect body and spending more time living in the now.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 02 Mar 16 Mental Health
beer bottles Healthier

The surprising benefits of sobriety

If you want a mood booster that may help you manage your weight too, it could be time to give sobriety a try.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 07 Oct 15 Reduce alcohol
lady with a glass of white wine Healthier

Is that glass of wine a treat or a threat?

A nightly glass or two of your favourite drop to unwind can become harmful if you don’t know the signs of dependence.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 07 Oct 15 Reduce alcohol
should we be playing sleep catch up on the weekend hero Healthier

Should we be playing sleep catch up on the weekend?

Not getting enough sleep and trying to play sleep catch-up on the weekend? 

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 02 Sep 15 Mental Health
bowl of sugar Healthier

Sugar is the new enemy:  Fad or fact?

It seems sugar has taken over from fat as the latest enemy of good health, but does this sweet substance deserve all the bad press it’s getting?

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 22 Jul 15 Healthy eating
lady listening to head phones Healthier

Six Ways to Relax Alcohol Free

Alcohol can be a popular way to switch off, but finding an alternative ways to relax or unwind could be fun and also good for your health.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 22 Jul 15 Reduce alcohol
berries Healthier

Tips on How to Get Healthy Without Going on a Diet

Most of us have been on a diet or two, but are diets really a sustainable way of achieving a healthy weight? 

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 16 Jul 15 Healthy eating
ladies laughing Healthier

How to choose an exercise buddy

An exercise buddy can help you stick with your fitness routine as well as share challenges and triumphs, so it pays to choose them wisely.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 01 Jul 15 Be active
lady eating Healthier

Non hungry eating: why we do it and how to manage it

Have you ever demolished a tub of ice cream or pack of chips after a bad day at work? Or mindlessly snacked your way through your favourite TV… read more

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 01 Jul 15 Healthy eating
people clinking glasses Healthier

Toast Your Good Health with a Low Calorie Mocktail

Some cocktails can be as high in kilojoules as a burger, so next time you’re celebrating, consider an alcohol-free 'mocktail' instead.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 04 Jun 15 Reduce alcohol
people walking dog on beach Healthier

The beginner's guide to getting active

Busy work and home lives mean our exercise regimes can often fall by the wayside. Here are some tips to help you get started again. 

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 02 Jun 15 Be active
person on scales Healthier

4 Signs of weight-loss success

If you’re too focused on the scales, you could miss other important signs you’re on the right track for weight-loss success.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 28 May 15 Healthy eating
older people dancing Healthier

Timeless hobbies that boost health and fun

Some hobbies – and their health benefits – never go out of fashion. To shake up your routine and stimulate your mind and body, why not make some of… read more

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 21 May 15 Be active
lady leaning over work Healthier

Why sitting is considered the new smoking

Just like smoking, prolonged periods of sitting may take years off your life. It’s time to stand up for yourself.

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 21 May 15 Be active
Healthy bought sandwiches Healthier

Forgot your lunch? Try some healthier alternatives

Forgot to take your lunch to work with you today? Check out our tips on choosing healthier alternatives when eating out. 

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 07 Apr 15 Healthy eating
Mother and child sitting on the water Healthier

Holidays can improve your health and career

It can be tempting to stockpile holiday leave but what’s the potential cost to your health and wellbeing?

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 02 Apr 15 Wellness
business workers snacking Healthier

Avoid workplace healthy-eating saboteurs

Tips to help you avoid unhealthy food options at work functions and parties. 

Kate Southam
Kate Southam 02 Apr 15 Healthy eating

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