Karen Makin

Karen Makin

Bupa optician

Karen is an optometrist who works in the Bupa Optical leadership team and also in clinical practice.  Karen has extensive experience in the optical field, both in Australia and overseas, has worked in private practice and had her own optometry business.  This is the first time Karen has worked in a corporate environment; she loves that Bupa’s values mirror her own.
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lady with blue eyes Manage & Recover

Diabetes focus: eye health

Living with type two diabetes can increase your risk of developing vision problems and often there are no symptoms until it’s too late.

Karen Makin
Karen Makin 16 Feb 16 Diabetes
little girl with sunglasses on Families

Summer eye protection for kids

The harsh Aussie sun can be particularly harmful to children’s eyes. Here’s what you need to know about UV protection for kids. 

Karen Makin
Karen Makin 02 Feb 16 Raising children
person having eyes tested Healthier

Eye checks:  A health essential

Did you know eye checks aren't just for those of us with poor vision? 

Karen Makin
Karen Makin 06 Aug 15 Wellness

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