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Karen Fittall


Karen Fittall has been a health journalist for more than 18 years. What started out as a happy accident when she landed her first full-time writing gig at a national health magazine fresh out of journalism school, fast turned into a professional love affair with the subject, and today she contributes regularly to a number of leading health organisations and publications, including Good Health and Diabetic Living magazine. She also writes patient-support-program materials for people living with cancer, heart disease and depression. Quitting the big smoke for Byron Bay 10 years ago, when she’s not in health-writing mode or trawling medical journals for new research, you’ll find her getting a daily dose of beach time with her dogs, scouting local farmers’ markets for her three favourite ingredients (watercress, garlic and cheese!) or buried in the pages of a crime-fiction novel. 
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people drinking alcohol together Healthier

Sobering thoughts: is going alcohol-free for a month worth it?

Signing up for an alcohol-free month like Dry July, Febfast or Ocsober might raise money for a good cause, but how much difference will it really… read more

Karen Fittall
Karen Fittall 23 Jul 16 Reduce alcohol
person about to hop on scales Healthier

Can you be 'fat but fit'

It’s currently a trending hashtag but can you still be healthy even if you’re overweight so long as you’re fit?  

Karen Fittall
Karen Fittall 25 May 16 Be active
Man jogging looking at fitness tracker Healthier

Do fitness trackers really work?

The answer is yes - and no - and a lot depends on how you’re using them 

Karen Fittall
Karen Fittall 05 May 16 Be active
person cooking healthy dinne Healthier

How healthy are meal-kit delivery services

They take the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping but how healthy are they?

Karen Fittall
Karen Fittall 05 May 16 Healthy eating

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