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Judith Ngai is a pharmacist and health writer who loves dogs, music, books, and helping people better understand and look after their own health.
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a woman with anxiety sitting on her bed Healthier

What's the difference between anxiety and depression?

One in five people in Australia experience a mental health condition each year. This means there’s a chance you may know somebody affected by… read more

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 16 Oct 17 Mental Health
A sick woman lying in bed with tissues Healthier

Antibiotics: when do I need them?

Most of us have probably taken antibiotics before, but statistics indicate antibiotics are prescribed to nearly half of the people in Australian each… read more

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 19 Oct 16 Wellness
Friends beer cheering Healthier

Raise a glass for lowering your cancer risk

This Ocsober, many Aussies have raised non-alcoholic bevvies all month to help support the work of Life Education – and it could also give them a… read more

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 22 Oct 15 Reduce alcohol
lady with basket of flowers on bike Healthier

Spring into spring

There’s something about the blooming flowers and welcome sunshine of spring that makes many of us feel like making a fresh start. 

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 13 Oct 15 Wellness
doctor and woman talking Manage & Recover

Bowel cancer: Treatment options

An overview of the different options that are used to treat and manage bowel cancer. 

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 17 Jun 15 Cancer
couple talking to doctor Manage & Recover

The Stages of Bowel Cancer and Its Causes

We take a look at bowel cancer - what it is and what can cause it.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 17 Jun 15 Cancer
doctor speaking to woman Manage & Recover

What Are the Symptoms of Bowel Cancer?

Do you know the key signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, and which tests you can take to screen for it?

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 17 Jun 15 Cancer
Doctor with hand on patient’s shoulder Manage & Recover

Bowel cancer screening: The gift that could save your life

If you’ve turned 50, you may have received a bowel cancer screening kit in the post. We explain what it is and why it’s so important. 

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 11 Jun 15 Cancer
Baby being breastfed Families

Your guide to breastfeeding

Some tips if you're experiencing pain or discomfort while breastfeeding. 

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Babies
Elderly Woman with doctor Manage & Recover

Heart failure

Around 300,000 Australians live with some degree of heart failure. So what is heart failure, what are some of the causes, and what are the common… read more

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
Couple on the beach Manage & Recover

Healthy living for a healthier heart

We look at some lifestyle changes which can help improve your heart health and help you live well for longer with heart failure.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
Elderly man being checked by a doctor Manage & Recover

Know the Symptoms of Heart Failure and When It's Time to Call for Help

Get to know the signs of heart failure that might mean you need urgent medical help.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
lady with medication Manage & Recover

Common medications for heart failure

A guide to the types of medication commonly used for treating heart failure.  

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
Man contemplating life Manage & Recover

11 questions to ask your doctor about heart failure

Get the most out of your appointments by asking questions that help you understand heart failure and your treatment options.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
Elderly woman consulting a doctor Manage & Recover

Treating and managing heart failure

While heart failure is a lifelong condition, a combination of medication and lifestyle changes can help you live well for longer.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 08 Apr 15 Heart health
Man and woman looking at phone Healthier

Appiness: Six feel-good apps

We test out six apps that claim to boost your happiness.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 02 Apr 15 Mental Health
baby sleeping in bed Families

Follow Our 5 Step Plan to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Newborns and good sleep generally don’t mix, but with the right advice you can challenge this assumption and be on your way to a great night’s rest.

Judith Ngai
Judith Ngai 31 Mar 15 Babies

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