Jo Hartley

Jo Hartley


Jo Hartley is a freelance writer currently residing in Newcastle with her husband, two sons, a dog and a cat.  Jo is a regular contributor to Fairfax’s Essential Baby and Essential Kids sites. 
When Jo is not writing she can be found eating nutella straight from the tub and pondering which reality TV show to watch. 
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lady with cancer hero Manage & Recover

Debunking cancer myths

If you believe everything you read, you may think that you’re at risk of getting cancer from drinking coffee, eating sugar or being stressed. But is… read more

Jo Hartley
Jo Hartley 22 Aug 16 Cancer
woman doing yoga in group Manage & Recover

Exercise after cancer

According to the Cancer Council Australia, in 2013 there were 774,700 people, or about 3.6% of the total population, have previously been diagnosed… read more

Jo Hartley
Jo Hartley 22 Aug 16 Cancer
mother talking to her kids Families

Why stress is not always bad for our children

In a world that’s seemingly obsessed with protecting children from the worst of life, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all stress is bad for them.… read more

Jo Hartley
Jo Hartley 19 Apr 16 Raising children
older man listening to music with headphones Healthier

Music for the body and mind

We’ve all got songs that we love to listen to. Those that help us pound the pavement faster, those that motivate and inspire us, and those that bring… read more

Jo Hartley
Jo Hartley 12 Apr 16 Mental Health
father and son running Families

Why I have started running with my son

My son started school five weeks ago and in that short space of time, our lives have changed significantly.  

Jo Hartley
Jo Hartley 11 Apr 16 Raising children

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