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Jane Dickenson

Health Writer

Jane Dickenson is an experienced writer with a background in health promotion. She is passionate about health and wellbeing and has taught yoga for the past ten years. She spends the majority of her time wrangling a toddler and drinking chai.
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Pregnant woman drinking coffee Families

Pregnancy myth busters

Is drinking coffee bad during pregnancy? Does eating a hot curry bring on labour? We investigate which pregnancy myths you can ignore.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 10 Feb 17 Pregnancy
Elderly man with cane Caring

How do you know when it's time for your loved one to stop driving?

It can be hard to know whether a loved one is still safe to drive on the roads but being aware of when they should stop is an important part of… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 10 Feb 17 Stay independent
Elderly man with baggage at airport Caring

Helping older loved ones fly safely

With preparation, many older people can fly safely. GP Dr Tim Ross offers some tips to help keep seniors healthy in the air.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 10 Feb 17 Keep connected
Pregnant woman in the ocean Families

Travel during pregnancy - your questions answered

If you're planning to travel during pregnancy, you’re probably wondering if it is safe. We spoke to a GP to get the lowdown.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 23 Jan 17 Pregnancy
Woman receiving an ultrasound Families

Alternatives to IVF

Fertility treatment isn’t always about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We talk to a fertility specialist about some other options which may help… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 21 Sep 16 Pregnancy
baby feet Families

Should you freeze your eggs?

There are a number of reasons why a woman might want to explore freezing her eggs. We spoke to a fertility specialist about the social and medical… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 21 Sep 16 Pregnancy
pregnany lady sitting in comfy chair Families

Maintaining a healthy body image during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of great physical change. We look at some ways to help maintain a positive body image during pregnancy. 

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 15 Jun 16 Pregnancy
stethascope and mobile Manage & Recover

Five amazing innovations for heart health

We look at some of the emerging innovations and technologies that have the potential to improve heart health.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 11 Apr 16 Heart health
people holding hands in caring way Manage & Recover

What to expect when a loved one is going through chemotherapy

Supporting a loved one who is going through chemotherapy can be difficult. We look at what to expect during chemo and how to help.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 05 Apr 16 Cancer
Baby eating with hands Families

Baby-led weaning: Do babies need special food?

Tired of cooking separate meals for each member of your family? Baby-led weaning could help you cater for the whole family, including your baby, in… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 21 Dec 15 Babies
ladies having coffee resized Healthier

Tips to help you cope with setbacks after you quit smoking

We look at some common setbacks people may face when quitting smoking and give you some tips to help. 

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 07 Dec 15 Smoking
Noel Caring

The power of art in aged care

Art therapists have long known that the simple act of creation can help enhance emotional wellbeing. In an aged care context, art-therapy programs… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 01 Dec 15 Considering care
mother and newborn Families

Seven quick and easy meals for new parents

The first few weeks with a new baby can turn your world – and your eating habits – upside down. Here are seven quick and easy meal ideas for new… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 01 Dec 15 Parental health
farmer with kids Families

Telehealth: Helping to bridge the health care gap in rural and remote Australia

Accessing specialist health care in rural or remote Australia can be challenging, but there are options such as telehealth that can help ensure the… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 26 Nov 15 Raising children
child reaching for a drink Families

Caffeine and kids: a harmful combination?

There currently isn’t a lot of information out there about the specific effects of caffeine on kids. However, we do know a lot about the effect that… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 25 Nov 15 Raising children
hunter gill Healthier

Taking up exercise its never too late

It’s never too late to incorporate exercise into your life. We look at why it’s important to get fit and stay fit after the age of 60, and share the… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 17 Nov 15 Be active
Woman using tablet Caring

Five apps to train your brain and prevent dementia

Studies show that keeping your mind active can help reduce your risk of dementia. We look at how a busy brain can help fight age-related cognitive… read more

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 05 Nov 15 Stay independent
ovulation planning tools Families

O-day: How to know when you're ovulating

We discuss the indicators of ovulation and some smart ways to track your cycle.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 21 Oct 15 Pregnancy
Teenage girls sitting together Families

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome?

We discuss what polycystic ovarian syndrome is and the impact it can have on health and fertility.

Jane Dickenson
Jane Dickenson 21 Oct 15 Pregnancy

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