Gemma Cosgriff

Gemma Cosgriff

Bupa Dietitian

Gemma Cosgriff is a dietitian at Bupa. She is passionate about helping people feel empowered to make long term health changes with her simple, creative and realistic advice. She believes “It's not about dieting, it's not about deprivation, it's about the small, simple changes that can make a difference now and for the rest of our lives”. Gemma also loves fitness - especially trail running, cycling, core training, wakeboarding, snowboarding and hiking.

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Bowls of grains Healthier

Ancient vs modern grains

Perhaps it’s the interest in looking, feeling and living younger, we have gone backwards in time when it comes to food choices too. No, I’m not… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 14 Feb 17 Healthy eating
Child counting Healthier

Eating for mental focus

Did you know that the type of food you put into your body can impact how sharp your brain is? If you want to tackle 2017 with more energy, more focus… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 17 Jan 17 Healthy eating
Beetroot juice Healthier

Beat them with beetroot!

It’s become a bit of a trend for some athletes to use beetroot juice to increase their sports performance. But why beetroot, and could it possibly… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 09 Jan 17 Healthy eating
Group cheersing over a Christmas feast - Blue Room - Bupa Healthier

Things to be grateful for this festive season

Let’s talk about festive benefits. Yes, benefits. We are always talking about how terrible the festive season is for our health; battling the… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 22 Dec 16 Healthy eating
People exercising Healthier

Should I fast before a workout?

You may have heard people talking about how much fat you can lose if you fast before your work out. But is there any truth to it? Should we really be… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 09 Dec 16 Healthy eating
Avocado tomatoes and cucumber on toast - Blue room - Bupa Healthier

How "deconstructed meals" can benefit your health

"Deconstructed meals" are a fairly new trend appearing in cafés and restaurants around the country. As Bupa dietitian Gemma Cosgriff explains, they… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 24 Nov 16 Healthy eating
Couple grocery shopping Healthier

6 supermarket traps everyone should know about

While supermarkets are a convenient one-stop-shop for many people, particularly when lined up on the street next to your pharmacy, liquor store and… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 10 Nov 16 Healthy eating
eating breakfast coffee strawberries and fruit Healthier

Should I force myself to eat breakfast if I'm not hungry?

Bupa dietitian Gemma Cosgriff looks at the science behind why we should eat breakfast, and shares five quick and healthy brekky options for time poor… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 06 Oct 16 Healthy eating
Soy sauce soya with sushi Healthier

What the hell is Koji?

There are so many new trends and buzz words out there at the moment when it comes to food and so called “super foods”. One of them you may have heard… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 16 Sep 16 Healthy eating
Potatoes roasted in oil Healthier

Do potatoes count as one of your five a day?

Mmmm hot chips, roasted potatoes, creamy mash. It’s potato! It’s a vegetable! Counting towards my five serves of veg a day - cue fist pumping, bicep… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 04 Aug 16 Healthy eating
chopped berries Healthier

Can anti-inflammatory foods ease joint pain?

Inflammation can cause pain and discomfort and is something that diet can play a role in improving.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 22 Jul 16 Healthy eating
Gemma Cosgriff and husband Damien with gorillas in Rwanda Healthier

Rwanda gorillas: close encounter with a silverback goes viral

Not everyone can say they’ve been charged at by a silverback gorilla - but I can. This incredible encounter happened on our recent honeymoon in… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 21 Jul 16 Wellness
lady on scales Healthier

Why we put on weight around the middle

Have you always carried what’s (not so) lovingly dubbed the ‘spare tyre’ or found you’re putting on weight in the middle later in life? Bupa… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 08 Jul 16 Healthy eating
strawberries on scales Healthier

Do you need to weigh your food?

Is weighing our food an important way to measure our daily intake or is it simply taking control of our diet too far? Bupa dietitian Gemma Cosgriff… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 24 Jun 16 Healthy eating
lady performing Russian twists Healthier

Is spot dieting possible?

We’re all different, from our fingerprints all the way through to how and where we might put on and lose weight. We’ve all heard of the different… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 09 Jun 16 Healthy eating
smashed up chocolate block Healthier

Can chocolate boost your workout?

Sounds too good to be true right? While the answer is a little complicated, one thing that is certain: eating a family block of chocolate before… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 09 Jun 16 Healthy eating
jars of Kombucha Tea Healthier

What the hell is Kombucha tea?

It sounds like some sort of reworked spiritual song that originated with “Kumbaya”… but it’s not.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 03 Jun 16 Healthy eating
Mushroom risotto Caring

Nutritious soft foods for ageing loved ones

Bupa Dietitian Gemma Cosgriff shares her ideas on how to cook nutritious and delicious meals for your elderly loved ones who can no longer eat hard… read more

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 21 Oct 15 Stay independent
lady holding a berry smoothie Healthier

How to make the perfect smoothie

Accredited Dietitian Gemma Cosgriff shares her favourite recipes and tips for putting together a healthy, delicious smoothie.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 19 Oct 15 Healthy eating
baby being fed solids Families

Nutritious food ideas for babies

Bupa  Dietitian Gemma Cosgriff shares some nutritious recipes to help introduce your baby to solids.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 19 Oct 15 Babies
child eating at picnic Families

8 Step Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids

Simple strategies to help your kids develop healthy eating habits.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 13 May 15 Raising children

Don't be fooled by these diet myths

Accredited Bupa dietitian Gemma Cosgriff exposes the top five diet myths you need to be wary of.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 30 Mar 15 Healthy eating
Strategies weight loss healthy breakfast Healthier

Five habits of people who lose weight and keep it off

Why is it that some of us lose weight and then put it back on again, while others manage to keep the kilos off?

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 27 Mar 15 Healthy eating
Mind over menu - hero Healthier

Making healthier choices when you eat out

It is possible to eat healthier foods at a restaurant and not feel like you’re missing out. Dr Rick Kausman offers his advice.

Gemma Cosgriff
Gemma Cosgriff 25 Mar 15 Healthy eating

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